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Truth Social, the social media network Donald Trump launched after he was kicked off Twitter, hasn’t exactly been the runaway success his supporters had clearly hoped for. By the end of March, “daily active users” were reportedly at 513,000, compared to Twitter’s roughly 217 million visitors, though Trump Media & Technology Group, the company behind Truth Social, boldly claimed it would disrupt not only other social media networks but also “Amazon, Apple, Netflix and Google.” Meanwhile, people who want to use the app seem unenthusiastic about the product. “What’s the point of getting the app if you can’t create an account?” reads one App Store review, which says, “I tried about ten times to create an account. It says they sent me a confirmation email that I never receive.” Another says, “The app barely works. Complete propaganda and spreading misinformation. It’s becoming a platform for Trump to fundraise for his minions so they can continue to grovel.” In April, two top executives resigned who were “central players” and the “brains” behind the app’s technology, according to Reuters sources. The proposed merger of Digital World Acquisition, a purpose-built acquisition company, and Truth Social’s parent company is under investigation by the Securities and Exchange Commission. The app still isn’t available to Android users, though CEO Devin Nunes quit his congressional job to run this thing, saying it would be fully functional by the end of March. And after months of not sending a single “truth,” Trump has begun to engage a bit more with the network he created, but nowhere near as quickly as he did on Twitter.

Donald Trump’s Truth Social launches a web app

Get ready to see a lot more Donald Trump on social media again. Truth Social is no longer isolated behind an iOS-only app.
Trump’s alternative social network, Truth Social, sent out a notification to its current iOS app users on Friday informing them that a web version of the platform is now available.

“TELL ALL YOUR FRIENDS,” Truth Social’s notification reads. “The Truth Social web app is now available! Tell them to go to for more information.”
Users who visit Truth Social’s website will now find a full web version of the platform where they can log in, post to their feed and view content from other Truth Social users. Previously, those visiting Truth Social’s website were only shown a landing page that prompted visitors to download the iOS app.
Similar to Truth Social’s iOS mobile app, the web app looks and acts like a Twitter clone.

Truth Social was previously only available to users on Apple iOS devices like the iPhone. Yes, the iPhone has a huge smartphone market share. However, about half of mobile users have a device without iOS. Now, basically anyone with Internet access can sign up and create an account on Donald Trump’s social media platform.
Android users, however, are still waiting for a Truth Social app specifically for their device. According to Rolling Stone, this has angered the former president. According to reports, Trump has privately complained that Google tried to “fuck” him.
However, according to Rolling Stone’s source, the truth is that Truth Social has not even submitted an Android app to the Google Play Store.
Still, the launch of a web app is significant. Truth Social profiles and posts can now be fully shared on other platforms. If you want to share a Truth Social post on another platform using the iPhone app, you need to take a screenshot. Now Truth Social users can post links to any account or post directly. In turn, non-Truth Social users have direct access to log in and interact with content on the site.

Main features

Profile – Express your unique personality by setting up a profile, avatar, and background. Start tracking your personal connections based on follower and follower counts, as well as the history of your posts and likes.

Truth Feed – Get the latest thoughts and activities from people, organizations, and news outlets that interest you. The Truth Feed includes posts from all those you follow, brought to life using thumbnails, links and more.

Search – Truth Social gets really interesting when you connect with others. Search for a voice you find interesting and simply follow them directly from the search list or view their profile first before making a decision.

Notifications – Stay engaged as you build a following. See who is following you and who is interacting with your truth.

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