Vanessa Feltz objects and Meghan Markle looks emotional

Vanessa Feltz clashes in interview with royal expert over Meghan

Vanessa Feltz clashes in interview with royal expert over Meghan

Vanessa Feltz clashed with a royal expert in an interview which has left fans of TalkTV divided.

She asked Angela Levin whether she felt any responsibility for “fuelling” anti-Meghan sentiment during Monday’s (September 12) show.

Host Vanessa suggested to the biographer that criticism of the Duchess of Sussex can be “spiteful” – and somewhat preposterous.

But Ms Levin pushed back by doubling-down on her comments about whether Meghan is ‘fit’ for the Royal Family.

And the pundit also went on to claim the TalkTV presenter harbours an “agenda” to “attack” her.

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At one point during her show, Vanessa asked Ms Levin: “Do you think you’ve been a bit harsh, one woman to another?”

“You’ve just used the phrase, ‘she’s not fit to be part of the royal family’. Yet you saw her there, consoling her husband.

“Being gracious and charming and looking decorate and delightful. Why would you describe her as being ‘unfit’ for royal duties?”

The author replied: “Because she doesn’t want to behave as though she’s wife of the sixth in the line to the throne.

“She likes to lead, she likes it to be all about her. She wants to be out there in front. [Meghan] just hated it, she hated being told what to do, she hated the protocols. So that’s why I don’t think she’s right for it at all.”

Do you feel any guilt that you have been responsible for fuelling a kind of anti-Meghan faction?

However, Vanessa went on to ponder: “Angela, do you feel any guilt that you have been responsible for fuelling a kind of anti-Meghan faction, that has been spiteful and targeting, and possibly fanciful as well?”

She added: “I mean, quite a lot of what has been said about her has been pretty much manufactured anyway.”

However, Ms Levin responded by saying the chat with Oprah Winfrey was “a disgrace”, adding: “I don’t have to justify myself to you. I’m not in court.”

And after Vanessa remarked on how much anyone outside of the people involved can really know, Ms Levin claimed: “If you wanted to attack me you shouldn’t have invited me on. You’ve got an agenda to attack me.”

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle look at tributes
Prince Harry and Meghan Markle look at tributes during their Windsor walkabout (Credit:

How viewers reacted

There was a mixed reception to the clash on social media from TalkTV viewers.

But that spilled out beyond that sphere, causing other people who don’t watch the News UK channel to chime in with their views.

Nonetheless, several regular viewers questioned Vanessa’s approach and called for her to be taken off air due to the segment.

“Vanessa Feltz – please tell me she’s a temporary presenter. Train crash,” one Twitter user claimed.

Another moaned: “Absolutely disgraceful from Vanessa Feltz.”

And a third tweeted: “Vanessa has been very discourteous to Angela Levin. I appreciate Angela has a different stance on Meghan to Vanessa but the whispering, face pulling, was inappropriate. I expect better from Vanessa.”

Meghan Markle greets well-wishers at Windsor
Viewers have differing views on Meghan Markle (Credit: Splashnews)

However, someone else argued: “Brilliant that Vanessa held Angela to account and asked for her produce receipts and evidence.”

Someone else replied to a plug on the author’s timeline: “Just seen you on TalkTV, being interviewed by Vanessa Feltz. You don’t seem like you’re a very nice person to me.”

And a third wrote: “Vanessa was EXCELLENT today. She fairly challenged and actually extracted well. If you can’t bare being challenged then don’t pop your head out there for scrutiny.”

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