Ben Shephard, Laura Tobin and Ranvir Singh on GMB

GMB accused of ‘scaremongering’ amid heatwave weather forecast

GMB accused of ‘scaremongering’ amid heatwave weather forecast

With the weather forecast predicting heatwave temperatures, Good Morning Britain today warned that water shortages are on the horizon.

Laura Tobin explained that reservoirs are at their lowest in a decade and demand for water is up by 50% in some areas.

“Just think about how you’re using water so we don’t end up with physical restrictions in place,” she warned.

Laura Tobin delivered the weather forecast and explained why there are water shortages (Credit: ITV)

GMB accused of ‘scaremongering’ with weather forecast

Hosts Ben Shephard and Ranvir Singh then urged viewers to get in touch if there were any restrictions in place where they lived.

The segment caused quite a stir on Twitter, with viewers accusing the show of “scaremongering”.

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Not only that, some predicted that Brits would start panic buying water.

“Really starting to dislike @GMB feels like constant scaremongering going on… hot weather warning, risk to life, keep hydrated, etc…but water shortage…don’t use it?! ” said one viewer.

“I’ve never heard anyone panic over a heatwave. But the news, well they are going crazy over it. #GMB haven’t shut up about it. They need to take responsibility for scaremongering and chill,” said another.

Ben Shephard and Ranvir Singh on GMB
Ben Shephard and Ranvir Singh urged viewers to get in touch with their water shortage issues (Credit: ITV)

“GMB continuing its scaremongering [bleep]. Yes it’s warm but unbelievably it’s July in summer. Prediction: January and February will be cold,” another mocked.

Just been to the supermarket – they have sold out of bottled water.

Is it only #GMB running around like headless chickens, panicking about this week’s heatwave and probable water shortage?” asked another.

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“A heatwave that will last barely a week and you are panicking about water shortages!? Thank goodness I barely watch this continuingly hysterical show,” slammed another.

“GMB continues to fear monger,” said another after the weather forecast. “Has to be the worst news show in the UK of all time.”

‘Panic buying water commences’

Others had a bit of a grim prediction when it came to the supermarket shelves, clearly thinking back to the first waves of the pandemic.

“Panic buying water commences…,” said one.

Before one viewer who’d just been to the shops claimed: “Just been to the supermarket – they have sold out of bottled water.”

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