12 more must-have documentaries about real crime on My5

The Disappearance of Shannon Matthews is the latest compelling true crime series to air on Channel 5 – but what other must-see true crime documentaries can you see on My5?

If you enjoy playing as a detective for armchairs, dozens of documents about real life crime are available on the catch-up channel.

Here is our pick of the best.

Suzy Lamplugh worked as a real estate agent until she disappeared in 1985 (Photo credit: YouTube)

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Real Crime Documentaries: Shannon Matthews: The Mother’s Tale

If you find the Shannon Matthews case as intriguing as we do, there is this one-of-a-kind documentary.

Shannon Matthews: Mother’s Story Reveals Karen Matthews’ real character.

We now know that Karen was behind the kidnapping of her own daughter, Shannon.

Real Crime Documentaries: The Family Who Disappeared

This true crime documentary investigates the fate of the Chohan family.

Criminals lured Mr. Chohan into a trap and murdered him along with his wife, two sons, and a mother-in-law.

The crime, also known as the Stonehenge Killers, includes fraud, kidnapping, torture, and murder.

Devinder Chohan was 18 months old when he was murdered
Murderers killed Devinder Chohan when he was just 18 months old (Photo credit: YouTube)

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The disappearance of Suzy Lamplugh

This true crime documentary about the disappearance of Suzy Lamplugh aired last year.

It tells the story of the police investigation in 1986.

Susannah Jane Lamplugh, 25, left work and was never seen again.

Her parents reported her missing on July 28th.

Eight years later, in 1994, the police pronounced her dead and believed to have been murdered.

Fritzl: What happened next?

A documentary film about the case of the 85-year-old Josef Fritzl.

The Austrian kept his own daughter Elisabeth locked up in a cellar cell for 24 years.

After years of abuse, he and his daughter fathered seven children – until she escaped.

On March 19, 2009, the depraved rapist was sentenced to life imprisonment.

Josef Fritzl
Josef Fritzl held his own daughter prisoner for decades (Photo credit: YouTube)

Real Crime Documentaries: The McCanns and the Conman

This one-time doctor is involved in a private investigation initiated in 2008 by Security Advisor Kevin Halligen to find the missing child, Madeleine McCann.

The private investigator was accused of donating money that was donated to find Madeleine McCann – a charge he denied.

Madeleine went missing in Portugal in May 2007.

Kevin subsequently spent some time in jail in the United States for an unrelated fraud.

Left for dead by the Yorkshire Ripper

Tracy Browne describes how she survived an attack by Peter Sutcliffe.

One evening she went home to her farmhouse and had a near-fatal encounter with the man described as The Yorkshire Ripper.

Peter attacked the 14-year-old with a hammer until he was disturbed by a passing car.

Fortunately, Tracy survived the ordeal.

Yorkshire Ripper drama ITV
Peter Sutcliffe has killed at least 13 women (Photo credit: ITV News / YouTube)

James Bulger: The New Revelations

Viewers heard comments from and about Robert Thompson and Jon Venables – the perpetrators of the horrific murder of James Bulger.

For the first time, the public heard what was being said at the time of the trial during their detention and parole.

James Bulger was a two-year-old boy from Kirkby, Merseyside, who was kidnapped, tortured and killed by the two 10-year-old boys in 1993.

The clues that caught the killer – Rhys Jones

This true crime document investigates the 2007 investigation into the murder of Rhys Jones.

Detectives recall how Sean Mercer was convicted of Rhys’s murder despite little evidence.

Rhys was murdered in Liverpool when he was shot in the neck at the age of 11.

Sean Mercer, 16 years old at the time of the shooting, was convicted of his murder.

He is currently in jail after being sentenced to at least 22 years in prison.

Rhys Jones (Image credit: BBC)
Rhys Jones was brutally murdered in 2007 (Image Credit: BBC)

5 Mistakes That Caught a Murderer: Sarah Payne

Detectives and forensic scientists reveal the mistakes made by Sarah Payne’s killer that eventually led to his capture.

Sarah Payne was the victim of high-profile kidnapping and murder in England in July 2000.

Convicted pedophile Roy Whiting murdered Sarah when she was only eight years old.

Harold Shipman, Levi Bellfield and Mick Philpott are also included in the series.

The Philpott fire: 5 years later

Filmmakers watch the terrible fire that killed six innocent children in May 2012.

Michael Philpott was later found guilty of arson killing six of his children.

The unique document contains new interviews with Mick Philpott’s son, close family, friends and neighbors.

Mick Philpott is crying on TV
Mick Philpott cries on TV over the children he murdered (Photo credit: YouTube)

April Jones: The interrogation tapes

A forensic psychologist reviews the tapes created during Mark Bridger’s interrogation.

Mark murdered April Jones, five years old, from Powys, Wales.

A jury found Mark guilty of being kidnapped and murdered in April. He is currently serving a life sentence.

Real crime documentaries: The Soham Murders

On August 4, 2002, Ian Huntley murdered 10-year-old friends Holly Wells and Jessica Chapman.

This was a crime of senseless ferocity that rocked the nation.

The documentary re-examines the crimes for which Ian Huntley is currently serving a life sentence.

Other real crime documentaries well worth checking out!

Youngsters who kill is a five-part series dealing with juvenile crimes.

These include Santre Gayle, who shot Gulistan Subasi in an apartment in Hackney in 2010.

Steven Miles was 17 when he brutally murdered his friend Elizabeth Thomas.

Meanwhile, Vincent Parker killed his parents after getting tired of their routine punishments, and two brothers and their boyfriend murdered a homeless man for a challenge.

in the When papa kills: family murderer, Maya Jama meets people who grew up with an abusive father.

She finds out how this has had an impact on her life and asks why some have chosen to keep in touch.

Disappeared: The Surrey Schoolgirl investigates the 1995 disappearance of Ruth Wilson.

Two decades later, a former police officer and a journalist begin an investigation.

Stalked: murder in slow motion investigates the murder of college student Molly McLaren.

Her friends reveal how her Mr. Right became her brutal killer.

My father the pedophile, My mother the monster and Pet poisoners are also worth a watch on 5OD.

Shannon Matthews’ disappearance will end at 9 p.m. on Channel 5 Thursday, February 11, 2021.

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