Here are the 20 Seattle-area tech companies that made CNBC and Deloitte's new rankings – GeekWire

Here are the 20 Seattle-area tech companies that made CNBC and Deloitte’s new rankings – GeekWire

Here are the 20 Seattle-area tech companies that made CNBC and Deloitte’s new rankings – GeekWire

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The Seattle tech scene is well-represented on a pair of new rankings of the fastest growing companies in North America and startups to watch, another sign of the region’s status as a top hub of innovation.

Seventeen Seattle-area companies from a wide variety of disciplines made professional services giant Deloitte’s rundown of the 500 fastest-growing tech companies in North America, ranked by revenue growth. Sales automation startup Outreach was the top-ranked Seattle-area company, and it came in fourth overall on the list, with an eye-popping three-year revenue spike of more than 16,000 percent.

Meanwhile, a trio of Seattle-area companies appeared on CNBC’s list of the 100 most promising startups to watch this year. Cybersecurity startup Polyverse, international shipping return company FlavorCloud and women-focused co-working provider The Riveter all made the cut.

The rankings represent the latest indication of the Seattle-area’s muscle in the technology industry. A recent report from real estate firm CBRE ranked Seattle as the No. 2 tech hub in North America, behind only the San Francisco Bay Area. Powering Seattle’s high ranking is its strong pool of tech talent, tops among cities in North America, according to the report.

The rankings also reinforce the region’s reputation as a hotspot for enterprise software. Of the 20 companies that made the two lists, 13 of them focus primarily on tech tools for big companies.

Here’s a look at all the Seattle-area companies ranked in the Deloitte list, including their revenue growth and where they stand on the GeekWire 200, our ranking of the top privately held tech companies.

Outreach’s new Seattle HQ. (GeekWire Photo / Nat Levy)

Outreach: Deloitte #4 | GeekWire 200 #16 |16,069 percent three-year revenue growth — Sales engagement and automation software maker.

FLEXE: Deloitte #38 | GeekWire 200 #72 | 3,338 percent three-year revenue growth — On-demand warehouse space provider for retailers.

Highspot: Deloitte #41 | GeekWire 200 #29 | 3,172 percent three-year revenue growth — Maker of artificial intelligence-powered sales software.

Quadrant Resource: Deloitte #62 | GeekWire 200 # Unranked | 2,123 percent three-year revenue growth — Product development.

Auth0 CEO Eugenio Pace. (GeekWire Photo)

Auth0: Deloitte #73 | GeekWire 200 #9 | 1,813 percent three-year revenue growth — Identity management. Deloitte #124 | GeekWire 200 #160 | 1,013 percent three-year revenue growth — Technology-fueled market research through video-conferencing and crowdsourcing.

Remitly: Deloitte #150 | GeekWire 200 #3 | 780 percent three-year revenue growth — Maker of tech solutions to simplify transferring money overseas.

Zenoti: Deloitte #170 | GeekWire 200 #27 | 669 percent three-year revenue growth — Software for salons and spas.

Chad Robins, left, is co-founder and CEO of Adaptive Biotechnologies, which he co-founded with his brother, Chief Scientific Officer Harlan Robins, right, a theoretical physicist turned computational biologist. (Adaptive Biotechnologies Photo)

Adaptive Biotechnologies: Deloitte #181 | GeekWire 200 Unranked | 614 percent three-year revenue growth — Publicly traded biotech company that operates a sequencing platform that can read the human immune system.

Snap! Raise: Deloitte #182 | GeekWire 200 #24 | 608 percent three-year revenue growth — Fundraising software for schools, clubs and teams.

Zipwhip: Deloitte #188 | GeekWire 200 #26 | 584 percent three-year revenue growth — Text messaging software for businesses.

Icertis: Deloitte #192 | GeekWire 200 #11 | 573 percent three-year revenue growth — Cloud-based enterprise contract management platform.

RiskLens: Deloitte #233 | GeekWire 200 #127 | 470 percent three-year growth — Cybersecurity risk management software for large enterprises and government organizations.

Smartsheet: Deloitte #286 | GeekWire 200 Unranked | 378 percent three-year revenue growth — Publicly traded maker of work collaboration software.

Apptentive: Deloitte #287 | GeekWire 200 #102 | 377 percent three-year revenue growth — Mobile customer engagement software.

Yapta: Deloitte #324 | GeekWire 200 #85 | 312 percent three-year revenue growth — Tracks prices of hotel rooms and flights for businesses. Deloitte #357 | GeekWire 200 #30 | 273 percent three-year revenue growth — Television ad measurement and analytics software.

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