25 years old and 5’8 “tall Manish Tyagi is featured by Aagaaz Entertainment

By Jyothi Venkatesh

Manish Tyagi, who has worked on several music videos and short films, says he has a great passion for acting and has pursued it as a full-time career working on films, web series and short films. Manish Tyagi, signed by Aagaaz Entertainment’s music and film tycoon Neeraj Tiwari, says, “After so many years, my dream seems to be coming true and I will give full credit to Aagaaz Entertainment and Neeraj Sir who saw the talent in me zollen gave me the right opportunity to use my latent talent and demonstrate my innate ability to the world. This positive nature of Neeraj Sir recognized the talent of many people and gave them work. I am very grateful to Neeraj Sir for trusting me and realizing my inner talent and giving me this great opportunity to work for his company, Aagaaz Entertainment. I do my job with full dedication because I have always believed that confidence and hard work will always bring you success. I like to work in a disciplined and punctual manner and I have the feeling that learning never ends and the more you learn, the more your experience grows. “

Manish goes on. “I would also like to thank my parents who have supported me in my career, especially my father, in every bad or good situation, as my father has always held my hand. My father says, “The bigger the dream, the greater the difficulty, and the greater the difficulty, the greater the success.” I think our life is a journey and we make mistakes, so we learn from those mistakes and recover of these mistakes that set us on the path we should go.

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“I would like to describe myself in 3 words, which are reflected in my qualities. Above all, I’m very resilient: when I was six I wanted to be a dancer. When I was 10, I wanted to be an actor. And my ambition has been growing steadily ever since. I’ve always believed in surrounding myself with positive people who also believe in their dreams. Next, I believe in my own flexibility, as I have loved dance since I was a child and I still dance a lot, I love to play in dance with expression. I think dancing is an inner peace, a joy that sets you apart from others, and I let stress out and let my body do the rock and roll. I love every style of dance because every single rhythm feels like a party !!

“Third, I am confident because I think it is very important for a person to be confident. Trust is a great keyword for contributing to success. Confidence is a super power. Once you start believing in yourself, magic begins. These are the three most important factors that are important in a person to be successful. ”Yaane ki,“ सफलता भी उसी की तरफ़दार होती है, मेहनतें जिसकी वफादार होती है। ”