5 shows to watch this Mother’s Day

Before Mother’s Day, many of us need to have some things or activities planned in order for our mothers to feel special. While we are social distancing ourselves and staying inside, it sounds like a perfect plan to see a show with your mom. But when it comes to choosing a show to watch, we all know how difficult it is to find the perfect show to pounce on. Here are the top 5 shows we recommend to watch and spend some quality time with this Mother’s Day.

What the people

What The Folks is the story of a young couple and the first time they lived together with their respective in-laws. The ever-evolving relationships of a family, the changing dynamics between siblings, parents, and even husband and wife are beautifully explored here. It also gives a new perspective to the relationship between mother and daughter-in-law. Vandu, played by Renuka Sahane, is a cool mother-in-law who tries her best to help her daughter-in-law break gender bias at home. It also reveals the secret of life and happiness is the “I don’t care” attitude, which is the best way to live a life. The show, created by Dice Media, has so far had three seasons with a total of 16 episodes.

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Mama & Co.

Mom & Co. is the beautiful story of the single mother Suhasini Joshi, who raised her son Aditya and has reached a phase in her life where she confines herself to talking to her diary and writing her thoughts on paper instead having a face-to-face conversation about them with their son / benefactor. The show makes us realize how we all took our mothers for granted and the sacrifices they made for us. It’s an emotional roller coaster ride to see the mother and son duo bridge that gap between them. The show produced by Zoom Studios takes you on a bittersweet journey of emotions.

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Aarya is a show about a drug dealer’s wife who takes over her husband’s business after suffering a horrific attack. The reins of the job fall into her well-groomed hands as she struggles through the filth of violence, blackmail, lies, and betrayal to keep her three children safe. Aarya is a one-woman show in which she shows restraint and fear without formulating it, keeping the crux unspoken and pointing out the turmoil inside. After an exciting first season, Aarya is coming back with a season 2 on Disney + Hotstar.

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In both seasons of the year, Gullak tells the story of a middle-class family in a small north Indian town trying to get by with their modest means. They are constantly striving to improve their standard of living, which sometimes leads the men into shady areas. The character of mother Shanti, played by Geetanjali Kulkarni, plays a wonderful role as a wife and mother who keeps everything going and nags everyone with equal energy so that they can do their best. The 2 seasons can be seen on TVF Play.

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Yeh Meri family

Yeh Meri Family is a fresh, nostalgic, sweet and emotional web series that will take you back to your youth. The show revolves around a typical Indian family, exploring their needs and moments of happiness, re-viewing the dynamics of parents and children. Mona Singh plays the mother of three children who run the household and the family and, like any mother, hide a soft heart under a hardened exterior. You can watch this show play on TVF for a nostalgic experience.

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