6 questions we have after watching

Shetland series six continued on BBC One this week, and episode four was jam-packed with shocking revelations – so here’s our review.

In the latest episode, which aired on Wednesday November 10, 2021, Logan Creggan was on the run from police after the tragic shooting at his home.

DI Jimmy Perez was desperate to find Logan …

Little did Jimmy know that someone on his own team had been undermining the investigation all along!

Step in front of Sandy!

Here are the burning questions we have after watching the fourth episode of Shetland on BBC One.

Logan Creggan (Stephen Cole) and Nazir Nassan (Sharif Dorani) in Shetland episode four (Credit: BBC One)

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Shetland Episode Four Review – Who Killed Alex Galbraith?

At the end of episode four, we’re still no closer to finding out who really killed Alex Galbraith.

Of course, Logan Creggan was previously the prime suspect for the attorney’s murder.

But the fourth episode seemed to prove his innocence.

The ball press in his workshop was NOT the one that made the balls that killed Alex Galbraith.

Obviously there is something very fishy about Niven Guthrie too.

He seems damned keen to see Alex’s politician Eve win the local elections – at all costs.

And it was HIS car that the “lynch mob” used to frighten Logan Creggan.

But there is also the story of Maurice Ross, where the alarm bells are ringing …

Shetland episode four review – how is the story of Maurice Ross related?

In episode four, Tosh visited Maurice Ross at the nursing home to find out why Alex Galbraith had paid for his care.

And we’re starting to think this isn’t just an interesting subplot.

Could Maurice’s daughter’s disappearance many years earlier be key to Alex Galbraith’s murder?

Sand in the Shetland Islands
Steven Robertson portrays DC Sandy Wilson in Shetland episode four (Credit: BBC One)

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What is Sister Carolyn hiding?

Spectators watched Sister Carolyn receive a threatening postcard during the religious retreat on Whalsay.

She quickly packed her bags and seemed to fear for her life.

At the end of the fourth episode, a tearful sister Carolyn was seen burying a cross pendant in the ground and walking away.

She clearly knows more than she told DI Jimmy Perez.

Who is threatening her, why is she afraid of them and will Jimmy find out the truth?

And don’t forget the weird yelling in episode two!

Shetland Episode Four Review – Why Does Duncan Help Donna Killick?

Elsewhere in Shetland episode four, Duncan took Donna Killick for the first time since she was released from prison.

But understandably not everyone is as ready as he is to give the convicted murderer a second chance.

Needless to say, the little excursion didn’t end well.

So why does Duncan spend so much time with his old flame, Donna?

He seems to be the only one who forgives her.

We know they have a child and once had an affair, but she’s still a killer!

Donna and Duncan on Shetland
Duncan Hunter helped Donna Killick in Shetland, but why? (Image credit: BBC One)

Shetland Episode Four Review – Is Logan Creggan Arrested?

DI Jimmy Perez finally tracked Logan Creggan down and arrested him in episode four.

But while in custody it was clear that the army veteran was not doing well.

During the interrogation, Logan had terrifying flashbacks from his time in Iraq.

He admitted to having killed his sergeant in a so-called “friendly fire” because Sgt Miller had mistreated the Iraqis.

In sad scenes, Logan discovered that his own gun had killed his son Fraser.

But will DI Jimmy Perez arrest him for murder?

Will Sandy get the sack?

In a shocking scene at the end of episode four, viewers finally discovered who had leaked the shocking images of Lizzie Kilmuir’s corpse.

The photos stolen from the police database had been posted on the Internet in protest against the release of Donna Killick.

Of course, Donna murdered Lizzie but was released because of her terminal cancer.

With a breathtaking twist, Tosh heard that it was her colleague Sandy who had leaked the photos.

Some astute viewers may have suspected he was the inside leak as he appears too involved in the investigation – thanks to his friendship with the Kilmuir family.

Was it REALLY Sandy who leaked the photos or was his account hacked?

And will Perez’s longtime buddy sacked?

Douglas Henshall’s character DI Jimmy Perez will be furious if he finds out!

Shetland episode four will air on Wednesday, November 10, 2021 at 9 p.m. on BBC One.

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