6 reasons we need to be more like Jac Naylor

Holby City star Rosie Marcel has played Jac Naylor since 2005.

In her 15 years in medical drama, Jac has been involved in many storylines and has grown into a large part of the show.

Jac leaves Holby (Image credit: BBC)

In today’s episode (Tuesday, February 2), viewers said goodbye to favorite Jac. Here are 6 reasons we need to be more like them.

1. Holby City: Jac is always there for her friends

During her 15 years at Holby, Jac made some great friends.

One of Jac’s closest friends is Sacha Levy, who first appeared in 2010. It is fair to say that Jac was initially not keen on Sacha.

Sacha about Holby City
Sacha is one of Jac’s closest friends (Image Credit: BBC)

But the two became friends and over the years we have seen them stand side by side in difficult times.

More recently, Sacha’s friend Essie died after battling cancer. No matter how busy Jac’s life is, she is always there to help her friends.

2. She refuses to withdraw from a challenge in Holby City

As a surgeon, Jac is well under pressure and never backing down from a challenge.

Jac often took on the toughest challenges in the hospital, no matter how scary they might be. This attitude saved the lives of many patients (and colleagues) during their time in the hospital.

3. She is honest and gives good advice

If you ever find yourself in difficult times, ask yourself, “What would Jac Naylor do?”

What Would Jac Naylor Do? (Image credit: BBC)

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What advice would Jac give you if you needed him?

One of the best things about Jac is that she is honest and gives good advice with honesty.

Once, when Fletch asked his friend for advice, she simply said, “Don’t be you.”

4. It doesn’t take nonsense from anyone

Jac is definitely a character who doesn’t make any nonsense when it comes to her professional and personal life.

She is definitely not a gentle touch and is always trying to do what’s right for her friends and family, even if it means putting someone in her place.

5. Your sarcasm

Jac’s sarcastic nature is definitely one thing Holby fans love most about her.

Jac’s sarcastic nature is one of the things we love most about her! (Image credit: BBC)

During a rivalry over plastic surgery prioritization, Jac was not keen on the proposal of peace talks in which he said, “Why don’t we all hold hands and sing kumbaya!”

6. She puts her loved ones first

While Jac can be harsh on her friends and family, the only person she truly loves more than anything is her daughter Emma.

Emma’s father is Jonny Maconie. Jonny moved to Edinburgh and married his girlfriend Stacey.

Jac always puts Emma first (Image Credit: BBC)

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After their wedding, Jonny wanted Emma to live in Edinburgh full time. Jac eventually allowed Jonny to take custody of Emma because she thought she would be better off without her.

Jac always puts Emma’s needs above her own and makes her a great mom.

And even though Emma no longer lives with her mother, Jac still sees her and stays in touch.

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