8 burning questions after the first episode

The Line Of Duty reviews are already landing, and after tonight’s fascinating kick-off we are teeming with important thoughts and theories.

With a new case, a new adversary, and a few off-court moments, the hit BBC crime drama made a comeback in style.

But we have questions. Oh how do we have questions …


What is Kate doing now? (Image credit: BBC)

Why isn’t Kate Fleming in AC-12?

The big news is that Kate Fleming – one of the AC-12 stalwarts – no longer appears to be working at AC-12.

We’re not entirely sure why yet, but at some point in this first episode she says to Joanne Davidson, “I’m sick of stealing copper.”

But Kate has worked undercover on previous series (remember series two and Lindsay Denton, and series four and Roz Huntley?), So the question is, is she doing the same thing here?

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In an undercover convo with Steve Arnott towards the end of the episode, she appears to have left AC-12 under a cloud and has no intention of returning.

But you never know she already gave Steve a nugget about the case … will she give him more?

Steve Arnott Line Of Duty Series Six
Steve is not in good shape (Image Credit: BBC)

Is Steve on his way out of the new Line Of Duty series?

The aftermath of the last series also seems to have hit Steve Arnott hard.

Bored at work and buying prescription pain relievers in bulk, he also meets his ex Sam Railston.

Now promoted, she offers Steve a job after telling her he’s sick of AC-12.

Where have we seen Terry Boyle on Line Of Duty and why didn’t Kate recognize him?

First, Joanne Davidson’s team is looking for Ross Turner – a suspect in the murder of journalist Gail Vella.

Soon, however, Ross Turner is exposed as Terry Boyle, a familiar face to hardcore LOD fans.

He appeared a long time ago in the first series in which the men of Tommy Hunter manipulated and exploited his learning disabilities to hide Jackie Laverty’s body in his freezer.

Significantly, when Davidson was interviewed on that episode, asked why his refrigerator had been moved.

Could history repeat itself?

And why didn’t Kate recognize him if Terry had been involved in an earlier investigation?

Who is Carl Banks?

Carl Banks’ prints were found in one of the residences associated with Terry Boyle.

So if Terry is manipulated again and Banks is the man to do it, who is he?

Right now we have no idea.

In the fifth series, however, Steve Banks was part of the criminal gang led by John Corbett.

Is there a connection between the two?

Did Buckells have a hand in the cover-up?

Bent copper alarm!

Another familiar face on this series is DCI Ian Buckells, who AC-12 collided with on series one and four.

In the past, Buckells has been associated with people known to be “H” and the caddy “Dot” Cottan.

He also has a frosty relationship with Arnott and Hastings.

In the sixth series, he’s now leading the investigation and often seems upset when things go wrong.

Then Kate found out that the Ross Turner / Terry Boyle apartment stakeout had been botched by Buckells for violating surveillance laws.

Could he have done this on purpose to create a three hour blind spot for Carl Banks to dispose of a corpse and / or escape?

Farida in Line Of Duty series six
Could Farida have founded Joanne? Let’s see what the Line of Duty reviews have to say about this (Credit: BBC)

Is Farida trying to set up Davidson?

Davidson’s colleague Farida was the one who called AC-12 and raised suspicions about her boss.

And later, tearfully, she said to Arnott that “You have no idea what she is capable of,” suggesting that she had previously had an experience with Davdison.

That previous experience turned out to be a relationship with Joanne, and she was acting a bit mentally when her ex returned to her apartment to pick up her clothes.

Could Farida have set up Davidson to return to her?

Kate and Joanne Line Of Duty Series Six?
Is there more to Kate and Joanne’s relationship than you think? (Image credit: BBC)

Are Kate and Joanne having an affair?

Throughout the episode, we saw Kate writing to her ex to take the time to see her child.

This means that Kate is currently not connected.

And when Joanne and Farida were talking emotionally, Farida said: “Are you moving in with her now?”

When Joanne asked who, Farida replied, “The smart money is with Kate Fleming.”

“Kate and I have been smart for months, even though she’s straight and I’ve never cheated on you,” Davidson replied.

A sarcastic bang, maybe, but at the end of the episode Joanne was seen holding Kate’s hand in the corridor.

Is something going on between them?

Who is the woman in the photo?

At the beginning of the episode, Joanne bitterly said that she has no family.

After pouring herself a large glass of wine, she tossed it at an old photo of a child and an adult – probably Joanne and her mother.

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What happened between them to make them so angry?

What the fuck is a CHIS?

This acronym was used extensively in the earlier stages of the episode and means “covert sources of human intelligence”. You can read all about CHIS in the Line of Duty ED Guide to Acronyms and Initials.

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