9 burning questions after episode two of the sixth series

Line Of Duty continued its sixth series tonight (Sunday March 28th) and, as you can see from the reviews, the intrigue deepened considerably.

Is Jo Davidson Really Bent Copper? Is Farida Jatri a False Un? And what was Is Gail Vella working on it before she dies?

You’d better believe we have questions!

Gail was working on something big (Credit: BBC)

What are our burning questions from Line Of Duty?

What was Gail Vella really working on?

The first episode revealed that journalist Gail Vella had been murdered in 2019 and that Jo Davidson and her team were working to find the killer in Operation Lighthouse.

We got more details tonight about why a killer might have taken her life.

Gail had previously puckered feathers while covering the links between police, sexual abuse and corruption within the police force.

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Even the real criminal Jimmy Savile was mentioned in one of her archived television reports.

However, some digging by Steve and Chloe revealed that she had been working on a podcast that was supposed to reveal more. But because her home was broken into a few days before her murder, the incriminating tapes were stolen.

So what was she working on and who was she trying to expose?

Who was the other person in Gail’s podcast interview?

The AC-12 forensics team managed to retrieve an excerpt from one of their podcast interviews that is still on their computer.

However, while they were listening to the footage, only a small portion was left.

In it, Gail spoke to an unnamed source who was about to reveal some juicy information until the recording ended abruptly. So who was the source and what was it trying to reveal?

Steve Arnott Line Of Duty
Why are Ted and Steve meeting with Steph? (Image credit: BBC)

Why are Ted and Steve still in contact with Steph Corbett?

The main plot of the fifth series revolved around the undercover cop John Corbett (Stephen Graham).

When John was brutally murdered on duty by Ryan Pilkington of the OCG, leaving behind a wife – Steph – and two daughters.

In the final installment of the series, it was revealed that Ted Hastings was close to John’s mother, Anne Marie, in Belfast during The Troubles.

Feeling guilty about the murder of Anne Marie and now her son John, Ted made sure that Steph got some of the money that was used to set it up.

That should have been the case, but in this episode Ted was seen hanging out with Steph. While Steve watched in secret, Steph admonished him not to “call back”.

And then Steve drove all the way to Liverpool to visit her. Was he trying to find out why his boss was in contact with her?

Ryam Pilkington Line Of Duty
Ryan is back! (Image credit: BBC)

Why is Ryan Pilkington back?

A shocking moment on this second episode was when OCG member and cold-blooded killer Ryan Pilkington returned to the show.

We’ve seen Ryan grow up on all five Line Of Duty series – from stealing phones and courier delivery for gangster Tommy Hunter as a teenager in the first series, to cutting John Corbett’s throat in the fifth series.

At the end of this series, we saw Ryan graduate from Police College.

After Farida was transferred, he and Jo Davidson took his place on the Operation Lighthouse team.

What does that never do well? Kate thinks she’s seen him before, but isn’t sure …

What is Ted up to? (Image credit: BBC)

Did Sindwhani intentionally delay the AC-12 on The Hill?

PCC Rohan Sindwhani appeared in the fifth series and here it is again.

This time, the question arises as to why he delayed the raid on the Hillside Lane police station.

Could it have been on purpose so corrupt officials could cover their tracks?

Ted seemed to think so, and his twisted copper radar was messed up.

Steve Arnott on duty
Steve and Kate fell out (Image credit: BBC)

Are Steve and Kate everywhere?

Steve and Kate Fleming have always been a close bond.

However, their relationship now seems to be on the rocks.

They met in the familiar underpass we saw on previous series when Kate was undercover.

Steve told her that AC-12 had opened an investigation into the Gail Vella case and that The Hill unit was about to raid The Hill. He also offered Kate the opportunity to provide him with information on Jo Davidson at the low point.

However, Kate not only refused, but also gave Jo a hint about the robbery.

Steve wasn’t a happy bunny.

Kate and Joanne Line Of Duty Series Six?
Kate and Jo are sitting in a tree … (Image credit: BBC One)

Are Kate and Jo really going on a date?

Jo was delighted with Kate, who had given her a hint about AC-12.

After last week’s stolen handle indicated a growing closeness between the two, the two went out for a drink after a busy day at the office.

And then the two agreed to meet at a meeting point on the weekend.

So what’s Kate’s game here?

Is she really growing near Kate or is she double bluffing and playing another undercover game?

Is Farida telling the truth? (Image credit: BBC)

Who is telling the truth: Jo or Farida?

Jo was placed in AC-12 and underwent one of Line Of Duty’s patented, lengthy interrogation scenes.

When they accused her of being part of the OCG, she turned the tables and agreed that Carl Banks could only be killed if someone on her team had known of his whereabouts.

Jo then shifted suspicion to Farida.

And when the police raided Farida’s house, they found a cache of burner phones, which put them in a difficult position.

She, of course, denied they were hers and cried for it to be set up.

So who is really telling the truth here? Is Farida trying to set Jo up because of the bitterness over their breakup, or is Jo the wrong person preparing her ex for a fall?

Kelly MacDonald on duty
Is Jo really wrong? (Image credit: BBC)

Is Jo really a member of the OCG? And if so, why?

In the final scene, Jo drove to an abandoned parking lot where a bearded man in another car left her a package.

Inside was a new burner phone.

She picked it up and went back to her car and burst into tears, screaming and banging on the window in desperation.

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It looked to the whole world like Jo Davidson was indeed as bent as a nine-bob note and a member of the OCG.

But her reaction suggested that everything she did was against her will. Is she being blackmailed? Does it have something to do with your mother?

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