9 HUGE spoilers for next week’s episodes

Emmerdale spoilers in pictures for next week see Debbie return to the village to find the missing Sarah. But her problems are far bigger than she first realizes.

Meanwhile, Dawn’s world crumbles when Lucas is taken away from Social Services.

Here are nine huge spoilers for next week’s episodes.

Emmerdale spoilers

1. Debbie returns to total chaos

Debbie returns to the village with Zak and is angry that Sarah has disappeared.

Little Debbie knows, Sarah is hiding in a barn and doing drugs with Danny.

In the barn, Danny offers Sarah drugs and they are soon waiting for the effects to kick in.

They come closer and begin to undress. But suddenly Charity and Debbie burst in and Danny leaned forward.

2. Sarah makes a confession

Debbie notices her daughter’s behavior and demands to know what she took.

But Debbie is shocked when she admits she put the drugs in Ethan’s pocket.

3. Ethane is suspended

A frustrated Ethan tells Charles that he’s been suspended from his law firm because of the drug arrest.

Charles tries to talk to Debbie about getting Sarah clean.

He explains what happened to Ethan’s job and reveals that his career is in tatters.

But Charles is shocked when Debbie tells him to back off.

4. Ethan asks Sarah for answers

Ethan later requests to see the CCTV footage in the pub from the night he was arrested.

Sarah feels guilty when Chas tells Ethan that there are no cameras in this part of the pub.

Ethan turns on Sarah, still sure she’s behind it. However, Nate tells him to withdraw.

5. Harriet makes a big mistake

Harriet is broken when she hears Will and Kim flirting.

Devastated, she tells Dawn that Will and Kim are sleeping together.

When Harriet picks up Lucas, she’s been gone a long time and Dawn wants to call the police.

Harriet eventually shows up drunk and it is clear that she is hiding something.

Dawn is horrified when social worker Eloise reveals that Harriet lost Lucas when she picked him up the day before.

She tells Dawn that the situation is being taken very seriously. Eloise asks about the feasibility of her custody of Lucas.

6. Lucas is being taken away

Soon Dawn’s worst nightmare becomes a reality when the police arrive and Lucas is taken away.

7. Paul struggles with his addiction

Connor threatens to divulge Paul’s game secret, but the stress is too great and Paul places another bet.

Vinny catches Paul playing and is horrified.

How will Paul talk his way out of this?

8. Marlon ruining his chance for romance?

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Rhona is thrilled when Marlon invites her to an afternoon tea date in Hotten.

But their plans failed when Marlon had to abandon Rhona at the last minute.

Marlon tries to make amends by dressing up as Stan Laurel to cheer Rhona up.

Will his attempts to remind Rhona of their mutual love for black and white film work?

Or is Rhona and Marlon’s reunion over before it started?

9. Gabby works her way up

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Gabby is delighted when Kim suggests training her in other areas of the business. Are things finally starting to look for her?

Emmerdale airs an additional episode on ITV at 7pm on weekdays and an additional episode on Thursdays at 8pm.

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