9 new pictures show pungent horror on the square

EastEnders spoilers for next week reveal stinging horror.

Violet reveals a secret to Rainie, and Lola worries about Isaac.

All of this and more in the EastEnders next week.

1. EastEnders spoiler: Phil’s plan for him and Kat revealed

Phil sees the police in the Slater house (Credit: BBC)

Ben asks Callum to quit his job, who tells his husband he’ll think about it, but he’s torn.

Phil later sees two Slaters cops and accepts the worst of Callum.

Kat tells him she was mugged but he was too busy to listen and orders him to leave.

Phil later apologizes and tells Kat he saw the laundromat is rented out and wants them to run it together.

Kat considers Phil’s offer, but declines because she doesn’t want to get involved in anything shady.

However, Phil tells her that he wants something legitimate for Raymond.

2. Knife stabbing

Fitzy is stabbed to death (Credit: BBC)

Meanwhile, Callum and Fitzy discover the mugger Kat has described and pursue him. But the mugger stabs Fitzy.

The attacker escapes and Fitzy gives Callum the ring he was proposing to marry with while calling for reinforcements.

DCI later checks Arthur Callum and blames himself.

When Callum is aloof during their anniversary celebrations, Ben assumes Callum is upset that he’s being asked to quit his job.

Ben admits that he was wrong, but says that Callum needs some distance from police life.

He suggests they don’t talk about Callum’s work, and he feels like he can’t talk about Fitzy.

Later, Callum is snappy with Ben and insists that he is fine.

In the Vic, Whitney and Kat Callum ask about the stabbing and he falls silent. But Whitney realizes something is wrong.

3. Vi is pushing Rainie too far?

Violet interrogates Honey (Credit: BBC)

Stuart tries to tell Violet about the surrogacy plans, but Rainie refuses.

Vis constant arguments with Rainie continue and Rainie begs her husband to get her out. Violet is surprised to learn of Rainie’s troubled past.

Before Stuart can ask her to move out, Violet discovers Honey and has an idea.

She starts interrogating Honey – and Stuart realizes she’s trying to pair her up.

Honey mentions that Jay and Violet insult them before Stuart can lead them out.

Stuart is upset by Violet’s actions and admits that Bernie will be her replacement.

Karen worries about Bernie (Image: BBC)

When Rainie arrives, Violet changes her tune and says that she will stay here to get to know her better.

Rainie is suspicious of Vis’s sudden nice deed, and Stuart admits that she knows about Bernie.

They see Bernie jogging and later find it hard to resist when her mom insists she has some french fries.

Stuart worries about his fertility clinic appointment and Rainie goes to see another potential surrogate mother.

Meanwhile, Karen worries about Bernie’s diet and suggests that they join a group together, and Tiff offers her support.

4. Violet reveals a secret to Rainie

Violet tells Rainie a secret (Credit: BBC)

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Violet manages to ruin Stuart and Rainie’s plans, which infuriates Rainie.

When Rainie tells Violet to go home, Vi reveals her in a secret.

5. Isaac’s behavior worries Lola

Lola helps Ruby with Lily (Image: BBC)

At the café, Martin asks Lily to move back in, but she is happy with Jean.

Ruby overhears Lola on the phone with Lexi and asks her for advice on how to deal with her stepdaughter.

Ruby follows Lola’s advice and makes a deal with Lily. It is agreed that Lily will stay with jeans once a week and Ruby thanks Lola for her advice.

Meanwhile, Isaac snaps at Lola and is distracted. However, she attributes it to his worrying about his students.

Soon Isaac changes his tune and invites Lola for a drink without realizing that she has registered the change in him.

Isaac makes a grand gesture (Credit: BBC)

After Isaac makes another suggestion that he uses at school, Ruby is grateful and invites them both for a drink.

Lola thinks that they might have to pull a rabbit out of their hat to help Arthur, and Isaac calls.

Isaac later shows up at Ruby’s with a surprise that leaves everyone amazed.

He senses the uncomfortable atmosphere and Lola worries about the unpredictable gesture.

6. Isaac lies to his nurse

Is Isaac going to be okay? (Image credit: BBC)

Later, Ruby invites Lola and Isaac to dinner.

Lola goes to Isaac’s nurse visit and worries when he lies to Rafe about sticking to his medication and routine. Isaac promises Lola that he will feel great.

Patrick later gets emotional when Isaac tries on Paul’s clothes and they talk about Ruby’s father, Johnny.

Ruby is stunned when Isaac asks about Johnny over dinner, but soon warms up to talk about him.

When they are alone, Lola tells Isaac that Johnny was not a saint, which makes Isaac wonder.

7. Linda to contact Max?

Linda is worried that she won’t be able to hide her stomach much longer and has to tell Max.

She asks Denise about Jack and she says Jack took Abi to see Max in Paris. She is surprised that he seems to have found his feet.

8. Romance for Rocky and Kathy?

Rocky sees Kathy and likes what he sees. When Bobby asks for an afternoon off to see Dana, Kathy takes time off instead. But she ignores Rocky’s request for a drink.

9. Iqra drops Bobby into it

Iqra drops Bobby in it (Credit: BBC)

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Dana arrives at the restaurant and looks for ‘Robert’. Iqra drops Bobby in and suggests that he cook them dinner.

Dana is impressed with the food. But Bobby panics when she suggests going back to him.

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