1. Khali the Cook – He is an avid cook and can cook almost any Indian cuisine. His favorite dish to cook with would be rice and chicken sauce

2. Khali knows tailoring – Khali was recently featured in the latest KFC video for Double Down Burger (look here). When asked, he admits that he knows sewing and remembers the early days when he sewed torn trousers all by himself. “We used to only get one pair of clothes a year and when it was torn I had to sew it myselfF. “

3. Khali and its egg capacity – In the latest video on KFC’s Double Down Burger, we see Khali enjoying 32 eggs. But did you know that khali in real life is almost 60-70 eggs a day on his diet?

4. Khali’s newfound love – Khali is a huge chicken lover. Khali’s new fetish is KFC’s Double Down Burger – and that’s because he likes his burger with real chicken, so the Double Down Burger is literally his dream burger. It’s all chicken, not a bun – as he says Chicken hello chicken.

5. Khali – the best father – We already know that Khali is a foodie. In his spare time, especially during the lockdown, Khali learned new recipes and cooked for his 7-year-old daughter Avleen.

6. Khalis fight while making Hollywood movies – While filming the film ‘Get smart ‘ Khali was doing WrestleMania at the same time as Anne Hathaway, as he was not allowed to go to the shoot. Khali recalls filming 3 days a week and fighting for the next 4 days and admits that this was the most hectic time of his entire career. But he also loves this experience the most.

7. Khali’s best friend – Since his time in WrestleMania, Khali has considered John Cena his best friend. Well, isn’t John everyone’s favorite? The Great Khali was also seen singing a song wishing him a happy birthday.

8.Khali knows his priorities – Khali has turned down many Hollywood film deals because he wanted to focus on his academy in India where he could train wrestlers.

9. Khali and his plans for wrestling in India – In 2015 he opened Continental Wrestling Entertainment in Jalandhar. Soon he will open a huge sports academy in Haryana with sports such as Karate, judo, boxing, kickboxing, kabaddi and of course bodybuilding.

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