A second character will die tonight, fans are convinced of that

Emmerdale fans are convinced that tonight (Friday April 2nd) a second character will die after the tragic turn of events in last night’s episode.

In the scenes from last night (Thursday April 1), viewers saw Liv Vinny’s father confront Paul in the barn.

Liv found out that Paul had hit Vinny and wanted him to confess what he had done.

However, Paul became aggressive and began violently attacking Liv and kicking her on the ground.

Paul attacked Liv (Credit: ITV)

Meanwhile, Jimmy was on his way to pick up the children after receiving a call from Amy that Juliette wanted to pick them up.

However, the sunshine did not let him see and he fell through farm buildings into Mandy and Paul’s wedding barn, where Paul beat Liv.

After an accident, Jimmy got out of the van and called for help.

Liv woke up and tried to help Paul who was trapped under a beam. However, a fire broke out due to the petrol cans and a loose electrical cord.

Liv couldn’t free Paul and left the barn. A few seconds later the barn exploded.

Emmerdale: a tragic twist

Vinny was rushed to the hospital (Credit: ITV)

We later saw Liv, Jimmy, and Paul all being led to hospital beds. Mandy received a call and after finding out what had happened, she rushed to the hospital.

There was a big twist, however, when Vinny was also taken to the hospital.

I still think there might be a second death tomorrow.

Sam told Mandy that he passed out at Wishing Well Cottage, but neither of them knew that Paul had hit him again before.

Paul died (Image credit: ITV)

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At the end of the episode, Paul was pronounced dead. However, fans are convinced that another character will die tonight!

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Currently, Vinny, Liv and Jimmy are still in the hospital. Could they still be in danger of losing their lives?

Emmerdale airs weekdays at 7 p.m. on ITV, Thursdays at 8 p.m. with an additional episode.

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