Aaron Dingle fans want to know where he is

Emmerdale fans wanted to know where Aaron Dingle is after he apparently disappeared.

The mechanic has only been seen making a few appearances in the village in recent months.

Aaron Dingle actor Danny Miller has only appeared in eight episodes this year (Credit: ITV)

According to IMDB, actor Danny Miller has only appeared in eight episodes this year.

And last year he appeared in just 36 episodes of the soap.

But when he went missing on the Dingle Court episode in which his own grandmother returned, fans had enough.

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They don’t just want to know where he’s gone – they want him back right away.

One said, “Where the hell is Aaron in Emmerdale? He’s hardly there at the moment! Danny Miller is a fantastic and sexy actor. “

A second said, “I want Aaron back! Danny, please come back !!! #Emmerdale @emmerdale @DannyBMiller. ”

A third said, “Where is Aaron in Emmerdale? I haven’t been with Robert in a long time.”

Another tweeted the soap to ask for answers.

They wrote, “Hello, I just ask at irregular intervals when Aaron Dingle is going to get a real plot? His last ended over a year ago.

“You certainly wouldn’t want to waste his talent on random cameos. I can’t wait for the day when he’s back on top. “

A fifth said: “#Emmerdale, let’s get Aaron out of the closet and he and his eccentric grandma can go wild or something!”

A Six tweeted, “Did the Emmerdale scripts forget that Aaron existed?”

Aaron and Ben’s relationship ended up going nowhere (Credit: ITV)

Emmerdale: What was Aaron Dingle’s last story?

Mechanic Aaron’s last big story was his burgeoning relationship with Ben.

After Aaron bullied Ben at school, he was desperate to make amends for his cruel treatment.

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He failed, however, and after several disastrous date attempts, Aaron’s selfish behavior overturned Ben.

He dropped it and far from the happy love stories fans thought they would get, Aaron apparently left the village for long stretches.

ED! can confirm that Danny Miller is still filming for the soap and will return.

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