Abi will kill Corey in revenge for Seb, fans claim

Coronation Street fans have claimed Abi will go after Corey Brent to get revenge for the man who murdered their son Seb.

Last week, Abi’s son Seb and girlfriend Nina were attacked by Corey Brent, Kelly Neelan and their friends.

Abi was broken when a nurse told Abi that Seb had failed his brainstem tests and died.

Seb died after being attacked by Corey and friends (Credit: ITV)

Corey tried to deny being involved in the attack, but Asha refused to give him an alibi, and Nina remembered seeing him before the attack.

In the scenes from last night (Wednesday May 12), Stefan Corey said to tell the police what really happened.

When Corey went to the police station, Abi found that the voicemail Seb had left her shortly before the attack and brought her to the police.

Kelly Neelan was later invited for an interview and it became clear that Corey had told police that she led the attack.

Abi showed the police that the voicemail Seb had left them (Credit: ITV)

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Forensic evidence on Kelly’s clothing supported Corey’s version of the events.

Abi later burst into tears while talking to her fiancé Kevin.

He assured her that Seb knew how much Abi loved him. But Abi said: “That won’t come through.”

Coronation Street: Abi tells Kevin how she wants to deal with Seb’s killers

When Kevin tried to tell her he could, she said, “Just by taking a sledgehammer to the bastards that did it.

“I lie awake at night and if I don’t imagine what they did to my boy, I dream about what I would do to them if I had the chance.”

Abi told Kevin how she wanted to hurt Seb’s attacker (Credit: ITV)

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She continued, “You don’t know what I would do. Do you want to know the truth? I smashed their heads like pumpkins. I lit them and saw them burn in front of me.

Abi went on to say, “I tore out their hearts at the roots like they did to me. It is not natural. I’m scared now, I scared you.

However, fans want Abi to kill Corey for what he did to Seb and Nina.

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