Accident spoiler: will Ethan divulge the family secret?

Casualty spoilers reveal that Ethan made an important decision about young son Bodhi in today’s episode (Feb.20).

Ethan’s relationship with Bodhi’s mother Fenisha has remained strained after she was born after falling into a ravine.

He rushed to help Fenisha on the final episode of the BBC Soap. But Ethan was forced to give advice over the phone instead of delivering her son in person after his leg was trapped.

Since then, however, the two have kept their distance.

But now Bodhi is unwell enough to be taken to the hospital. Will the fighting Fenisha Ethan open up?

Becoming a mother was a battle accident for Fenisha (Credit: BBC iPlayer)

Accident spoiler: what happens tonight?

Although Ethan tries to be a shoulder to lean on, he also struggles.

And when Bodhi’s medical history is queried, Ethan’s worries that he passed the HD gene return to his son.

Will he finally confess to Fenisha that her son can develop the inherited condition?

Ethane of the victim
Ethan has not disclosed his family medical secret (Image Credit: BBC iPlayer)

Ethan makes an important decision about Bodhi

An overwhelmed Ethan assures Fenisha that Bodhi will be fine. But it is clear that Ethan cannot run away from an inescapable truth to his son.

However, Ethan seems to believe that he can buy himself some time. As Bodhi’s condition stabilizes, Ethan is convinced that he can hold back from giving everything to Fenisha.

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But he also has to convince her that he can play a role in Bodhi’s life. Starting off by withholding such important medical information doesn’t seem like the right approach.

Confused about why Fenisha didn’t ask for help, Fenisha reminds Ethan that he “didn’t want to be involved”. This causes him to request that they try to start all over as co-parents.

However, when Fenisha thinks about whether or not she can trust Ethan, it all becomes a little too much for him.

Leon the victim
Leon has no idea of ​​Grace’s age (Image credit: BBC iPlayer)

Connie offers advice to Ethan

Plagued by guilt and insecurity, Ethan seeks advice from Connie. Although he wants to tell Fenisha everything, he is eventually influenced by Connie and decides not to do so.

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He also remembers how he wished he had never known of the condition as a child and decides that ignorance will be bliss for Bodhi.

But even though Ethan doesn’t reveal his secret, he manages to get closer to Bodhi. Fenisha agrees to let him be more part of Bodhi’s life after seeing Ethan puncture the dead.

Grace of sacrifice
Leon doesn’t know who Grace’s mom is either (Image Credit: BBC iPlayer)

Accident spoiler: Grace and Leon get to know each other

Elsewhere in the episode tonight, Grace and Leon are enjoying their time together when Connie’s 16-year-old daughter – without knowing Leon until Connie walks in – discovers that she is much older than her and goes on a date with the paramedic.

Casualty will air tonight (Saturday, February 20) at 8:20 p.m. on BBC One.

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