Actor reveals six-year affair with Paula Yates

Rupert Everett appears in Piers Morgan’s Life Stories this week and drops some bombs on his love life – a six-year affair with Paula Yates when she was married to Bob Geldof.

Yes, we are just as surprised as you!

The gay actor also recalls the impact the AID epidemic had on his promiscuous sex life in the 1970s and 80s.

Here’s everything you need to know about the actor who was formerly known as Madonna’s best friend.

Rupert Everett appears in Piers Morgan’s Life Stories (Image Credit: ITV1)

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Rupert Everett Love Life: Is He Gay?

Rupert is an openly gay man who has spoken often about the barriers that exist for “out” gay actors in Hollywood.

As he reflected on the impact of his sexuality on his film career, he said, “It limited it and it did it.

“Because I had a bit of this really great ‘gay’ career there. I think it’s six out of a dozen and a half of the others. “

In his personal life, Rupert has admitted that as a young actor in London and LA he led a promiscuous life

But it was often his friendships with high profile women – like Madonna – that made the headlines.

Rupert previously spoke about relationships with men and women and said, “I am mystified by my heterosexual affairs, but then I am mystified by most of my relationships.”

In 2009, Rupert told The Observer that he wished he had never revealed his sexuality as he believed it would hurt his career.

He said, “The fact is, you can’t and still can’t be a 25 year old homosexual trying to make it in the movie business.

“It just doesn’t work and you’ll hit a wall at some point.”

Rupert Everett love life: Rupert and Paula Yates affair

Rupert admits he had a six-year affair with Paula Yates behind the back of her husband, Bob Geldof.

Rupert talks to Piers and admits he felt “not guilty” about the relationship.

Rupert tells Piers that he loved TV presenter Paula, who died of a heroin overdose in 2000.

He says, “I think I was in love with her. I adored her. “

When Piers asks Rupert, “How did you stamp out Bob in all of this?”, Rupert admits that he “just ignored” him.

According to Rupert, the Live Aid organizer and The Boomtown Rats frontman knew about the matter.

When Piers asks if he felt guilty, Rupert adds, “I don’t know. I think it would be for her to feel guilty, not me. “

Rupert Everett appears in Piers Morgan's Life Stories on ITV
Rupert Everett spills the beans of his love life – including a secret affair with Paula Yates (Credit: ITV1)

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Madonna feud

Rupert and Madonna were good friends for a while.

The couple worked together on the 2000 film, The Next Best Thing, in which he played their gay best friend. Unfortunately, the film was considered a flop.

Rupert also sang backing vocals on her single American Pie.

However, the pair is no longer pally.

In an interview with The Sunday Telegraph’s Stellar magazine, he said, “We won’t see each other anymore. I miss it.

“She is an amazing person and this part of my life has been incredibly exciting.

“To do a movie with her and be a friend of hers and be such a fan of hers. But the consequences of the failure of the film were gigantic for me, like an explosion in space. “

Rupert has also revealed that Madonna disliked being featured in his autobiography Red Carpets and Other Banana Skins, in which he provided intimate details about Madge’s relationship with her ex, Sean Penn.

He says, “She really didn’t like it [the book]. I think it’s very loving, and I certainly took great care with her to only write things that were.

“But she felt it was an invasion of privacy … Goddesses like this are obsessed with their public image and want to control everything about it. So if anyone is going to tell anyone about them, it has to be her.”

He went one step further and describes Madonna as a “screeching barmaid”.

Rupert and other failures

Rupert is notoriously outspoken, and Madonna isn’t the only person he could have offended.

In recent years, the actor has starred in Hugh Grant, accusing him of selling out commercials.

Rupert said, “If I wasn’t gay, I would do what Hugh Grant does, I suppose.

“Hugh is obviously the UK’s leading commercial actor.

“And while in the development phase I can see that some of his projects are great – like music and lyrics – it was a hopeless movie.

“They rarely come out so great.”


Rupert had also spat a real life with Life Stories host Piers Morgan.

The couple had already quarreled in 2007 over a Comic Relief edition of The Apprentice, which Rupert left after a single day of filming.

Rupert later struck Piers in an interview with The Guardian, describing him as a “killer” and a “slobby and elephant”.

They buried the hatchet on Good Morning Britain last year.

Rupert Everett at the 2019 National Film Awards
Rupert Everett attends the 2019 National Film Awards at Porchester Hall, London (Image Credit: Splash)

What is Rupert Everett famous for?

Rupert is famous for his work in television, film, and theater.

As is known, he played an award-winning performance in My Best Friend’s Wedding in 1997 and played the gay friend of Julia Roberts’ character.

Unfortunately, the turkey followed, which was next best with Madonna in 2000.

He has been an actor for nearly 40 decades and first came to public attention in 1981 when he was cast in Julian Mitchell’s play and subsequent film Another Country.

His role as a gay student at an English public school in the 1930s earned him his first BAFTA nomination.

He received a second BAFTA nomination and his first Golden Globe nomination for his role in My Best Friend’s Wedding, followed by a second Golden Globe nomination for An Ideal Husband in 1999.

He appeared in Cemetery Man in 1994, The Madness of King George in 1994, Shakespeare in Love in 1998, The Importance of Being Earnest in 2002, and Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children in 2016.

Rupert has written several books and contributed to Vanity Fair magazine.

How old is Rupert Everett?

Rupert James Hector Everett was born in Norfolk on May 29, 1959.

He is currently 61 years old.

Rupert Everett and Kirsten Davis
Actor Rupert Everett and buddy Kirsten Davis visit a Christmas market (Credit: Splash)

Rupert Everett Love Life: Is He Married?

Rupert Everett is not married.

He currently lives in Belgravia, London with his longtime friend Henrique, a Brazilian accountant.

The couple have been together for more than a decade.

In a recent interview, Rupert said he would like to get married after being in a relationship for 11 years.

He said, “Actually, I wouldn’t mind getting married now.

“Yes. I would marry my boyfriend.”

Piers Morgan’s Life Stories: Rupert Everett

Good Morning Britain Motormouth Piers chats with actor and director Rupert Everett in The Latest Life Stories.

Rupert reflects on his bitchy comments to other co-stars, including Madonna and Julia Roberts.

He also talks about the promiscuous life he led in the 1970s and 80s and the impact of the HIV / AIDS crisis.

The wedding star from My Best Friend also talks about his romantic relationships with women, including TV host Paula Yates.

Subsequently, Rupert reveals how he could have died after going to the same pub as serial killer Dennis Nilsen.

The actor reveals that he went to the same bar as the killer, who killed at least 12 homeless or gay men and boys between 1978 and 1983.

Rupert also discusses his relationship with Colin Firth – including when Colin “stuck his tongue down Rupert’s throat”.

Piers Morgan’s life stories will air on Thursday, March 4th, 2021 at 9 p.m. on ITV1.

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