Actress Thalissa Teixeira starred in trigonometry

Ness in Too Close is played by aspiring British actress Thalissa Teixeira.

She was born in Bradford and lived in the Brazilian state of Espírito Santo until she was seven.

Returned to the UK when she was eight and has stayed here ever since.

Thalissa was educated at the Royal Welsh College of Music and Theater and has appeared in major stage productions, television series and a blockbuster film.

Here we take a deeper look at their roles and become famous.

Ness in Too Close is a bewitching character (Credit: ITV)

Thalissa Teixeira as Ness in Too Close?

Thalissa plays Connie Mortensen’s “best friend”, Ness Jones.

We learn about her character through flashbacks and discover that she was both Connie’s closest friend and neighbor.

Connie (played by Denise Gough) has been charged with a shocking crime.

But she claims she has no memory of it.

Dr. Emma Robertson (played by Emily Watson) is a forensic psychiatrist whose job it is to revive Connie’s memory.

But a dangerous mind game does arise and you will scratch your head over who is the manipulator and who is the manipulated.

Thalissa Teixeira
Thalissa is an established stage actress (Credit: National Theater)

How old is Thalissa Teixeira?

Thalissa is believed to be around 28 years old as of April 2021.

Who did she play in The Musketeers?

Thalissa appeared in nine episodes of the television series The Musketeers in 2016.

The actress played the character Sylvie and it was her first television role.

She had previously appeared in several prestigious plays, at Shakespeare’s Globe Theater and the Old Vic.

Trigonometry bbc two
The actress as Gemma in trigonometry (Image credit: BBC)

Was she in trigonometry?

Yes, Thalissa played the role of Gemma in Trigonometry. This 2020 BBC two comedy drama explores a polyamorous relationship.

Gemma and her partner Kieran welcome a lodger to their home, but they both soon fall in love with her.

During the conversation with The guardThalissa said of the series, “It’s funny: so many people want to use the term ‘controversial’ because it’s three people who fall in love together, but it was never a word we used.”

What else was she in?

Thalissa’s television and stage career is extensive at this point.

But she also had a small role in a major Hollywood blockbuster – Fast & Furious: Hobbs & Shaw in 2019.

Here she played Rosie’s nanny.

You can also recognize her for starring alongside Maisie Williams in Two Weeks to Live or as Florida in the thriller series Baghdad Central.

Emily Watson and Denise Gough in Too Close on ITV
Emily Watson and Denise Gough lead the cast of Too Close (Credit: ITV)

What’s next for the actress?

According to Thalissa’s IMDB, she has the role of Madge Shelton on the upcoming Channel 5 series Anne Boleyn.

While I’m talking to him Evening standardThe actress said she had many job opportunities.

And that she is amazed at how different the scripts have been since the pandemic.

She explained, “They have bizarre storylines and are more avant-garde because we are in a time when not everything makes sense.

“Something so big is going on right now and people are sitting at home with the terrible and not being distracted by going out with friends where they tell themselves it doesn’t matter and they will feel better.

“This requires people to think about humanity and understand high emotions, and this is expressed in Scripture.”

When is ITV too tight?

Too Close starts on Monday April 12th at 9 p.m. on ITV.

The rest of the series will air on consecutive days this week.

Once aired, you can stream all three episodes on ITV Hub.

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