Adam and Tayah “move too fast” after the final?

At first sight married UK viewers have voiced their concerns over Adam and Tayah’s whirlwind romance.

The couple took their relationship to the next level last night (October 1st), as Adam suggested on the show’s final episode.

However, some fans wondered if it was still too early.

Married at First Sight UK think Tayah and Adam are moving “too fast” (Photo credit: E4)

Married at First Sight UK: Adam makes Tayah. a marriage proposal

The couple bonded immediately after first meeting on the E4 reality series.

But when the experiment ended, Adam admitted that “something was missing”.

During the renewal of her vow, he said, “I feel like something is missing recently.

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“It ate away at me and I didn’t know when was the right time to address it. That moment is today. “

Adam, 26, got on one knee and asked, “Tayah, will you marry me?”

Tayah, 25, then burst into tears and said, “Are you serious? You know I will. “

After last night’s emotional episode, the couple also used social media to share their excitement.

Tayah posted a series of photos of herself and Adam from the day.


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“I can’t put into words how happy and satisfied I am with my life, I really hit the jackpot with Adam. He brings out the best in me and is my greatest supporter.

“I’m so excited to start our crazy adventure together as a TEAM. I love you forever, my fiance @adamaveling. “

Adam also added, “I’ve been waiting for this moment for so long! @tayahvictoria I love this woman with all my heart. “

Married at First Sight UK: Adam and Tayah
Adam proposed marriage to Tayah during the show’s finale (Credit: E4)

MAFS UK fans respond to Adam’s shock proposal

Despite their exuberant posts, some viewers are still not convinced of the couple.

On Twitter, one said: “Outwardly, there seems to be something wrong with Adam and Tayah. It feels like it’s going too fast and I didn’t like the whole thing about wanting to change your whole apartment, as well as all the talk about having kids within a year.

“Still, when they’re happy, they have more power. #MAFSUK. “

Tayah and Adam are 100% moving too fast.

A second agreed: “I wish you all the best, but Adam moved too fast, especially since he is still quite young and has never had a girlfriend. #MAFSUK. “

A third claimed, “Tayah and Adam are 100% moving too fast. And now she is no longer sure of his feelings. That is a concern.

“I think it’s another case of working on fixing the issues that arose from your past pain before embarking on something new and potentially triggering #MAFSUK.”

A fourth warned: “It is very important to Tayah’s mother that she tell her that she is impulsive! Tayah has to slow down, they’re really moving extremely fast.

“Tayah is 100% in, but Adam is not there to the same extent, babe, but like I said, don’t kick people when they’re on the ground. I hope Tayah uses this as a #MAFSUK lesson. “

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Others, however, burst into tears over the romantic suggestion.

One added, “I am crying just now while watching #MAFSUK. Adam and Tayah are exactly what a relationship should be. I can’t wait to find that. “

A second tweeted: “I need some kind of Adam & Tayah spin-off @ E4Tweets.”

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