Adnan Khan: “I can mostly play positive roles, but The Rage-Over Injustice let me play a character with shades of gray”

Adnan Khan always wanted to play a thoroughly negative role. When he got the opportunity in The Rage – About Injustice – he took up the offer immediately. The film is traveling to the Cannes Film Festival and the actor cannot thank his stars enough for working on such a project.

“I can generally play very positive characters, but the film lets me try something new. It really got me excited. I also like my character’s outfits. They were really cool, as was the make-up and the hair, ”says the actor who has a huge following in Indonesia. The film was shot in Goa and Khan has a gala between sun, sand and sea. He also shares that it was his first time working on the project with influencer actor Roshni Kapoor.

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Adnan, a familiar face on television, is currently looking at offers on the small screen. “When I am presented with a story or an idea, I just see how I react to it. When I’m excited, interested, my heart basically tells me to join in, ”says the actor, whose dream role is to play a character like Riz Ahmed in Sound of Metal. If he wasn’t an actor, he would eventually have become a songwriter or a rock star.

One of the things he likes about the entertainment industry is that you meet a lot of creative minds here. “The second thing is that we get to know new places and live with different characters while we are shooting … That’s very cool about our job,” adds Adnan, who is holding back.

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“I like to filter my life and even the words I speak. My professional and private life are separate. If I’m not me, I’ll never be able to be creative. I’m a little shy too. My world is small, I have my family, few friends, my craft and films in it, ”he says.

Adnan thinks social media is a nice tool, but the darker side is that you get addicted to it. “And that leads us away from our normal life. Social media helps you stay connected, reach more people, and should be used forever. I also don’t endorse the negativity on social media and how everyone tries to create a fake perfection there, ”he adds.

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The actor, who is also interested in OTT, talks about the boom: “OTT offers so much freedom. It is the right place for every creative mind. If your idea is unique and original, if you are good at what you do and are willing to work hard, OTT gives you the platform. ”He had written a story for OTT and says that many liked the idea, work on it would begin soon.

Speaking of the impact of the pandemic on the entertainment industry, he says, “The whole world is suffering and trying to find ways to survive and deal with the situation. We can’t just sit in our homes and wait for something to happen, we have to find a solution. At the same time we have to be patient and keep our hopes burning. “

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