Afraid of heart attack when Tyrone collapses

Coronation Street spoilers reveal Tyrone is having a heart attack.

In this week’s episodes, Fiz asks Tyrone to take care of the furniture business while she goes to Hope’s school evaluation.

Disaster strikes, however, when Tyrone leaves the store unattended to have a coffee with Alina. When he comes back, he finds a man named Leon who takes care of furniture.

Disasters after Tyrone takes over the running of the business (Image credit: ITV)

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Leon explains that he agreed with Fiz to collect some things, but when Fiz returns later, Tyrone is appalled to find out he has been betrayed.

In the next week’s scenes, Fiz returns from visiting Gary in prison and tells Evelyn and Tyrone that Gary is angry about the theft.

Coronation Street spoilers: Tyrone collapses

He insists that they find the £ 600 it cost him in stolen stocks. As they continue to row over the stolen furniture, Tyrone suddenly grabs his chest in agony and sinks to the floor.

Tyrone is in pain (Image credit: ITV)

Fiz yells at Evelyn to call an ambulance. Will Tyrone be okay?

A concerned Fiz and Evelyn wait in A&E for news about how Tyrone is doing. When an embarrassed Tyrone shows up, he reveals that it was nothing more than heartburn.

Fiz is full of relief, but Evelyn can’t believe they had a wasted trip. While Fiz and Evelyn talk about Tyrone’s new healthy regime, he tries to fake excitement.

Tyrone is taking a yoga class

Tyrone later buys a yoga mat. He tells Fiz that he has booked a few lessons to improve his health.

But instead of offering her support, she tries Tyrone to waste money.

Tyrone starts yoga (Image credit: ITV)

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Soon Fiz and Evelyn Tyrone are ripping mercilessly as he sets off for his first yoga class.

Will Tyrone feel better?

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