AJ Pritchard admits that doctors don’t know if her friend will make a full recovery

AJ Pritchard has admitted that doctors “know nothing” about his friend Abbie’s full recovery from her fire accident.

Abbie Quinnen was taken to A&E after he went up in flames after a social media stunt that went wrong.

Dancer AJ and his brother Curtis Pritchard appeared Tuesday morning and talked about the terrible accident.

AJ and Curtis remembered the horror moment (Credit: ITV)

What did AJ Pritchard say about his girlfriend?

When asked about her recovery, AJ said, “The doctors have spoken to us about further recovery, but they don’t know.

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“She heals fantastically, her skin is amazingly well.

“There’s the option of having a laser down below, but right now it’s just focusing on what we can do every day.

AJ Pritchard this morning
AJ said his girlfriend Abbie was “doing a fantastic heal” (Credit: ITV)

“They see small improvements that feel like massive steps to them.”

Meanwhile, AJ also remembered the moment when the stunt went horribly wrong.

The doctors talked to us but they don’t know.

He explained, “The thing was to turn a bottle of wine into a vase. There is a tutorial that you can follow online.

“Unfortunately, it went terribly wrong. What is really scary is that her clothes were lit, her hair was lit, and everything was going so fast it felt like a lifetime.

What else did AJ say?

“When it happens, the most annoying thing is to see someone you love on fire and be so helpless at a moment like this.”

He added, “As soon as the fire went out on her body, hair, and skin, we covered her with damp towels and called 999.

“We did everything we thought was right and got them to A&E as soon as possible.”

AJ admitted to handing her over to doctors and left him “emotionally torn”.

He said, “I sat in front of the hospital all night knowing that she wouldn’t even come out that night.

AJ Pritchard talks about a friend
AJ said he stayed out of the hospital all night when Abbie was admitted (Credit: ITV)

“I just sat there and didn’t know what to do. I couldn’t go to the hospital because of Covid, but I was just waiting for her.

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“She stayed in the hospital five nights and moved from healing to intensive care.”

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