Ajitpal Singh’s first original series, Tabbar (Family), is set in the Punjab and premiered worldwide on October 15th on Sony Liv

Award-winning filmmaker and writer-director of Fire in the mountains, Ajitpal Singh’s first original series Tab bar, a family drama / crime thriller premieres on October 15th on Sony Liv. Sony Liv has in Canada Tab bar which is released in 28 global territories including the European Union, United Kingdom, the Middle East, North Africa, Singapore, Australia, India, Canada and New Zealand.

Excited about the launch of Sony Liv in Canada with its first series Tabbar, the self-taught filmmaker Ajitpal Singh says: “I am excited to announce that Sony Liv is launching Tabbar in Canada. Earlier this year my debut film Fire in the Mountains premiered on Sundance and my short film Rammat Gammat premiered on Mubi. Both have been screened around the globe. As a storyteller, I believe we can push boundaries. I hope audiences in Canada and the UK will enjoy Tabbar. “

Located in Punjab, Tab bar is a homecoming for the filmmaker whose father, a farmer and former soldier, ran a movie theater in Bathinda but had to emigrate to Gujarat after long curfews due to militancy when Ajitpal was an 8-year-old boy.

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Director Ajitpal Singh

Ajitpal speaks about the show: “I am always drawn to stories that give me the opportunity and freedom to explore subtexts and topics. Tabbar is such a story. On the surface it’s a thriller, but if you dig deeper it’s a human drama and you find topics like God versus no God, evil versus good, drugs along with spirituality and suffering. I was confident that if I were given freedom, I would be able to make this story very refreshing, especially because I come from Punjab and understand this country very well.

Happy about his short (Rammat Gammat, Mubi 2021), Feature (Fire in the mountains Sundance 2021) and series (Tab bar, Sony Liv 2021) comes out in 2021, Ajitpal says: “It takes years to build a work and it’s amazing that my short film, feature and series are coming out in 2021.

Watch the trailer here:

But this year wasn’t all about heights. The filmmaker was diagnosed with thyroid cancer in February. He shot the series in March during the pandemic and just three weeks after the operation. Set against the backdrop of Jalandhar, the show consists of 8 episodes depicting the journey of a retired police officer who crosses borders to save his family from the aftermath of an unfortunate incident, and promises a memorable thriller in the heart of rural Punjab.

Produced by Jar Pictures, the show features ensembles like Pavan Malhotra, Supriya Pathak, Gagan Arora, Kanwaljit Singh, Ranvir Shorey and new finds like Paramvir Cheema and Sahil Mehta. The music is by Sneha Khanwalkar. produced