Al devastated when Priya sleeps with his son?

Emmerdale spoilers reveal that Priya Al’s son is getting close to Ellis. But will they end up sleeping together when things start to subdue?

Priya was previously engaged to Al Chapman. However, earlier this year she discovered that he had cheated on her with Debbie Dingle.

The two women took revenge on him by stealing money from the HOP account and accusing Al of the theft, which resulted in his losing his job.

Al cheated on Priya with Debbie (Credit: ITV)

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However, when Charity confessed that Debbie was behind the missing money, Al told Kim Tate and he was reinstated, which means he will have to work with Priya.

In the next week’s scenes, Al fires his ex-fiancé, mistakenly assuming that she gave the shit on a customer.

Later, Charity Dingle breaks into the HOP office to steal contact from a customer and get back into Chas’ good books.

Al catches Charity stealing a contact from the HOP office (Credit: ITV)

But soon Al walks in and catches Charity red-handed. She tries to distract him, tosses the trophy from his business award in the air and runs away.

As Al jumps to catch his trophy, he falls, hitting his head on the ground. Charity stares at him and doesn’t know what to do.

Emmerdale Spoiler: Priya and Ellis Sleep Together?

Meanwhile, Ellis stared at things between himself and Priya, steaming.

It’s getting hot with Ellis and Priya (Credit: ITV)

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Will they end up sleeping together?

Ellis and Al

Emmerdale viewers know that Ellis and Al had a very tumultuous relationship.

After learning of Al’s betrayal, Ellis was angry with his father and Al left the village for a few days.

When he came back he was trying to get Ellis right. But how will he react if something happens between Ellis and Priya?

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