Al die after a terrible accident?

Emmerdale spoilers reveal Al has a terrible accident. Could this lead to his death?

In the next week’s scenes, Al Priya falsely fires up, assuming she’s the one who gave a customer the shit.

Al fires Priya (Image credit: ITV)

Charity later breaks into the HOP office to steal contact from a customer and get back into Chas’ good books.

But things don’t quite go according to plan when Al catches her red-handed. To distract him, she throws the trophy from his business award in the air and runs away.

Al catches Charity in the HOP office (Credit: ITV)

However, when Al jumps to try to catch his trophy, he falls and hits his head on the ground.

As he lies there, Charity stares at him, unsure what to do.

Will Al be fine? (Photo credit: ITV)

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Is Al dead?

Later it gets hot with Al’s son Ellis and his former fiancé Priya. Priya fights against her conflicting feelings. What will she do?

Emmerdale Spoiler: What’s the Story of Al and Charity?

A few weeks ago, Al was on the wrong side of the Dingle family when it was revealed that he had cheated on both Debbie Dingle and Priya Sharma.

Debbie and Priya took revenge on Al by stealing money from the HOP business account and blaming him.

In the end, however, Charity told Al about Debbie and Priya’s plan for revenge. She then offered to go upstairs with Al, which he refused.

Al cheated on both Debbie and Priya (Credit: ITV)

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It was later revealed that Al had taped Charity, who revealed Debbie and Priya’s plan, and showed it to HOP boss Kim Tate.

Debbie took full responsibility for the plan and returned the money to Kim. After that, Charity was expelled from her family.

Will she be able to return in her good books?

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