Alaya F is about a year old in the industry when Jawaani Jaaneman played watches for a year

A year ago, Alaya F made her debut with Jawaani Jaaneman, for which the young actress received tremendous praise from critics and audiences alike. To mark the first anniversary of her debut film, Alaya shares how grateful she is to have made her debut with such a strong character.

Alaya shares, “When I made my debut, I think Jawaani Jaaneman was the best thing that could have happened to me. For the past year or so I’ve only received praise for the film and I feel really blessed. Not only was I the perfect character to write, but I also loved the character ‘Tia’ because she was exactly who I am in my real life. “

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Adds the actress, “The whole filming experience was just wonderful for me – from working with seasoned actors like Saif Sir and Tabu Ma’am, who were the perfect guides any new talent can ask for and who have served me throughout Process helped have critical recognition for my performance. I will cherish this experience forever. I really miss being on a shooting set right now, and I can’t wait to bring more characters like that to the audience. “

Alaya’s character in the film ranged from a teenage daughter to a mother. The actress mastered all stages of ‘Tia’ with ease.

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Since the release of her debut film, Alaya has also played a role during the lockdown. The actress was next filming for her when the pandemic hit. It also graced the covers of several leading magazines and even made its debut as a show stopper for a leading brand.

During the lockdown period, Alaya spent her time honing and improving her acting skills. She has read scripts, attended master classes and workshops, and shown her skills as an artist to her fans. Needless to say, all-rounder, Alaya has career graphics that scale up and fans are excited to see what the actress brings for them.

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