Alaya F is returning to Freddy’s sets in this location, read on to find out more!

Alaya F has had a pretty busy year after the COVID restrictions were eased as she resumes filming for her upcoming projects. The actress recently shot for her Ekta Kapoor film in Chandigarh and returned to Bombay to film for her other projects and brand engagements, has now traveled to Panchgani to continue filming for Freddy.

Alaya F recently used her social media address to let fans know about her collaboration with Kartik Aaryan for her second Ekta Kapoor film. She also shared a video of her trip to the location for her next shooting schedule of Freddy. She wrote about the video: “Back to #Freddy”

A source close to the film said: “After shooting part of the film in Bombay, the actress has now traveled to Panchgani to shoot the next part of the film. The actress had a very busy schedule and switched between her film projects and brand engagements. “

Alaya, who last appeared in Punit Malhotra’s music video ‘Aaj Sajeya’, will next appear in Ekta Kapoor’s remake of ‘U-Turn’ and in Freddy alongside Kartik Aaryan. She also has a few more unannounced projects in her kitten.

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