Alison and Dermot say it took them months to feel “comfortable”.

This Morning presenters Alison Hammond and Dermot O’Leary say it took months to get used to each other.

In addition, the moderators also revealed that each had “quirks” that the other initially disliked.

Alison and Dermot Revealed It All (Credit: ITV)

What did Alison and Dermot say about that morning?

The couple presented on Friday celebrated six months together on the ITV magazine show.

When they appeared in Lorraine today (Friday 28 May), however, they said that not everything was simply sailed.

“We were literally thrown together on a Friday … a bit like an arranged marriage,” Alison told host Lorraine Kelly.

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“I think it took two months before we were comfortable [with each other]. ”

“100 percent,” Dermot agreed. “When you present together, it takes a while to get those little nuances and little beats.

“You experience each other’s sense of humor, you find out what you like about each other and what you don’t like. These things take about two months. “

Alison Hammond this morning
Alison said honesty is key (Credit: ITV)

Honesty is the key

Alison then stated that honesty was the key to making their relationship successful on screen.

And she also said that there were things they didn’t like about each other early on.

She admitted, “We told everyone what we didn’t like. We were so honest, weren’t we? I think that’s why it really works.

“We had a few private chats where [we said], ‘I don’t like that about you or when you do that …’. They are really tiny, little things.

dermot o'leary this morning
Dermot says they now have a close working relationship (Credit: ITV)

They love their quirks now

“But the fact that we were honest with each other is why I think it worked. I trust you now “

She added that the things she didn’t like in the beginning are what she loves now.

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And Dermot says he’s now able to talk to Alison in the same way as he did to his wife.

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