Alison Hammond hits back on “angry” people who criticize their weight

Alison Hammond has hit back on “angry” people who want her to “hide under a rock” because she is fat.

The This Morning star, who wears a size 28, admitted that she “would like to be a little bit smaller”.

However, she said that when her size offends someone, it says more about her that it is her.

Alison Hammond has hit back on comments about her weight (Image credit: ITV)

What did Alison Hammond say about her weight?

Alison opened up in a new interview with Fabulous this weekend.

The star had previously put a gastric band on in 2014, but after her body refused it, it was removed.

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The bariatric surgery came after she tried each diet but none of them worked as she joked that she just loves her food.

Alison admitted, “I’m slim in my head. I don’t realize how tall I am until I’m next to someone. But I am beautiful and a lovable person. I am not one of those who hate themselves. I actually love myself. “

Alison Hammond
This Morning’s host prides itself on being an ambassador for taller ladies (Image Credit: Splash News)

Alison’s diabetes warning from her family doctor

However, the This Morning host has revealed that a horror from her doctor forced her to review her diet.

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After the second lockdown, the moderator was told she was prediabetic – something she has now undone.

Alison admitted that she goes for walks, goes without sugar, and feels “a lot better”.

She doesn’t weigh herself, she said, but she can feel the difference in her clothes.

Alison Hammond
The star competes with Dermot O’Leary on Friday this morning (Image: ITV)

Alison Hammond repulses cruel trolls

Alison also opened up to comments from trolls about her weight, admitting that people get “really angry”.

However, she hit back: “What do you expect from us? Hide under a rock until we’re the size they want us to be? I know people who do that. You could get hit by a bus tomorrow. I will not stop my life.

“When people see me on TV and it upsets them so much, I think it says more about them than it does about me. I just think what’s the matter with you that I offended you so? “

The star admitted she would like to be “a little smaller” and admitted it would help with her “knees and ankles.”

However, she doesn’t let herself be stopped from “enjoying myself or wearing sexy clothes or having sex with men”.

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