Alison Hammond suffers from Heather Small

This Morning host Alison Hammond made an “awkward” slip up when interviewing The Masked Singer star Heather Small.

Alison and her co-host Dermot O’Leary had a chat with the singer about Zoom to share their experiences in the ITV competition.

While talking about how Heather had disguised her voice on the show, Alison pointed out that the star was voted out first.

“I think that’s the perfect job, you get a job, you get kicked out in the first week, result! Get paid until later! ”She joked.

“I have a problem with saying ‘kick off’ Alison,” Heather replied.

An embarrassed Alison then exclaimed, “Awks!”

Alison Hammond interviewed Heather Small of The Masked Singer today (Image Credit: ITV)

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Heather continued, “You’re still getting paid, you’re right! But I think for me it was that element of surprise and family entertainment.

“Also, I picked some songs that people wouldn’t associate me with, and that was one thing I couldn’t sing as many songs on as I would like.”

Alison Hammond this morning this morning

When the interview ended, Alison and Dermot began talking about Heather.

Dermot turned to Alison and said, “I thought you shot this really well, by the way, after you told her she was kicked out of the show!”

“I know it’s all about the money!” replied Alison with a giggle. “Thanks, I like Heather Small.”

“I know you do!” Dermot answered.

alison hammond this morning
Heather Small was first knocked out on The Masked Singer (Image: ITV)

Alison then felt uncomfortable when she realized that Heather hadn’t hung up the phone yet.

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“Oh, it’s still there! Hello heather! Oh, that’s embarrassing! ”Laughed the star.

“Jesus, hang up, Heather!” Joked Dermot.

“You still have me here! Well done, you were nice! ”Heather then teased her before hanging up.

“We love you, Heather, bye!” Alison called back.

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