Alison Hammond’s words divide the viewer

Alison Hammond shared the viewers on This Morning when she hosted an excerpt from Sarah Everard’s disappearance today (March 12).

During a video chat with Matthew Wright, Gyles Brandreth, and co-host Dermot O’Leary, Alison released an opinion piece on women’s safety in the face of the tragedy.

On Friday morning, Alison’s choice of words seemed to shock both the audience and Gyles.

Alison Hammond came under fire for her wording during a section on Sarah Everard’s disappearance (Credit: ITV).

What did Alison say about Sarah Everard’s disappearance?

Alison introduced the segment and said, “It’s a sad story.

“Sarah Everard’s disappearance sparked big talk online about men’s and women’s attitudes toward personal safety.”

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She then turned to Gyles for his opinion on the tragedy, and he quickly corrected her turn.

It’s not a sad story, it’s the saddest story you can imagine.

“It’s not a sad story, it’s the saddest story you can imagine.

“It is the most terrible thing, the murder of this young woman, it is the worst nightmare of any parent and underscores every woman’s fear of walking down the street,” he said.

Gyles Brandreth this morning
Gyles quickly corrected Alison’s terminology (Credit: ITV)

What did the audience say about the segment?

Viewers commented on Alison’s introduction on Twitter.

“Alison, are you serious? Part of a sad story about Sarah Everard. I’m glad Gyles corrected you, ”said one.

“Did she really just say ‘a sad story’?” asked another.

“Terrible choice of words,” said a third.

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“A sad story?” asked another.

“Well said, Giles, it’s way more than a ‘sad story’,” said another.

They continued, “I find that Alison has not apologized … As much as I like Alison and I, she is so overwhelmed by such news.”

They added, “Bring Eamonn and Ruth back !!!”

What else did Alison say?

Later in the segment, Alison shared her experience of feeling unsafe alone at night.

She also revealed what she thought parents could do to educate their sons on the subject.

She said, “It’s about education. I’m the parent of a boy, a young man, he’s 16 now.

“I suppose the point is to have this conversation with your child so that they know how sometimes someone can be frightened by their presence.”

Alison added, “I felt that rush of adrenaline when you think I was being followed. I crossed the street and someone followed me, I got a little faster and they got faster.

“And I’m telling you, you think you’re going to die. It’s just a sad state to still have to feel this way. “

Sarah Everard’s disappearance: Alison ‘summed it up’

Viewers said Alison “put it all into one”.

Alison: You literally think you’re going to die! That’s so true. The fear is real and every woman has experienced it, ”said one viewer.

Another added: “Alison summed it up in one thing: ‘You feel like you are going to die. ‘It’s the scariest feeling in the world and I’m so sad that so many of us have experienced it. “

Others said they were pleased that the talks were taking place and “need to take place everywhere”.

“The moderators and guests deal with it excellently and share their experiences and ways in which men can make women more comfortable. I wish everyone had seen it that way, ”said a fan of This Morning.

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