Aly Goni loses the task “Ticket to Finale” and supports her good friend Rahul Vaidya

The task “Ticket to Finale” took the whole house by storm in “Bigg Boss”. Jasmin Bhasin, who came on the show to support good friend Aly Goni, did her best, but unfortunately the duo lost it to Rahul Vaidya and Rubina Dilaik.

However, since Rubina was supported not only by her sister Jyotika, but also by Nikki Tamboli and Jaan Kumar Sanu, Aly also stepped forward to help his friend Rahul. He stacked all the sacks in his barrel and the count was over 40. When the buzzer went off, Paras Chabra counted the numbers and although Rahul’s count was well above Rubina’s, he declared the latter the winner.

Aly couldn’t stand this and stood up for Rahul and told Paras that he was unfair. He even got the rulebook and told Paras that he was being unjust. But Paras was unwilling to listen and announced Rubina as the winner, who Nikki Tamboli selected as the first candidate for the final week. Aly, who never takes his loss to heart, congratulated Nikki on it.

In the preamble we see that “Bigg Boss” has set up another task for the participants and Aly stops Rakhi Sawant from taking Rs. 14 lakhs, saying that someone is making that money and she shouldn’t take it. It looks like a money exercise so it will be interesting to see what our ‘Sher’-Aly does.

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