Amruta Arun Rao’s new film for today’s young new generation

By Jyothi Venkatesh

Amruta Arun Rao is one of the filmmakers who have successfully proven that cinema, plays, web series and television series can be used constructively in society. Making her debut as a producer – Manini proved her first go in 2002, heralding her Amruta Films banner. Her journey as a producer continued with films like “Manini”, “Vadal Vara Sutla”, “Hambarda”, “Aarohi – Gosht Tighanchi”, alongside experimental unreleased films like “Ha Mi Marathi” and “Saanp Seedi”. Amruta has now taken on another challenge to develop a thought-provoking and different film like ‘Shyamchi Aai’ with young and experienced director Sujay Dahake who will direct her black and white film ‘Shyamchi Aai’.

When asked why she made the film ‘Shyamchi Aai’ when Sujay Dahake suggested the plot in today’s world of crime, sex and violence and what message she wants to convey home with her film, Amruta says: are the young ones tomorrow’s new generation and many parents tend to neglect their young children in pursuing their own careers. In order to educate the young new generation, a film like ‘Shyamchi Aai’ is imperative, which is a milestone for them. I decided to make a film like this because the books we read, the lessons we soak up, and the films we watch always make a big impression on our impressionable minds. Since Sujay is a director who is able to tackle a sensitive film like this one, he places great emphasis on thorough research on the subject. Since the topic has the background of Konkan, we plan to cast actors who belong to the region. We’ll be targeting a lot of new actors through auditions, especially since we need to have characters with different realistic looks.

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Amruta Arun Rao, M.SSC., LLB, has had the experience of reading news on Doordarshan for 24 years. After finishing school in Kannada, when she came to Mumbai to continue her seventh grade studies at her school, she came to understand Marathi as a language. Having a science background, she had absolutely no relation to literature, but she began studying Marathi after she was selected for Doordarshan and read ‘Shyamchi Aai’ and also saw the film when it was released. During her work as a newscaster, she also worked as a lawyer for four years and, since she also worked as a judge in some award-giving functions, she is also familiar with various arts. In addition to film production, Amruta is also a director in four chemical companies. Regarding Shyamchi Aai, Amruta says she really enjoyed the book. “Everyone tends to see their own mother as Shyam’s mother. In the previous film, the mother had three children, but Shyam was the mischievous of them all and it was quite difficult to teach him the values ​​of life and the mother had to teach him differently. Although the film is now based on the book ‘Shyamchi Aai’ and the earlier film had no mention of Shyam’s other brothers, an attempt was made to focus on the different aspects of Shyam’s life ”.

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