Amy Walsh brings up the speculation about Tracy and Cain


Emmerdale actress Amy Walsh broke the speculation about Tracy and Cain.

In next week’s scenes, Tracy and Nate greet a baby girl.

When Nate is overwhelmed while Tracy is in labor, Cain steps in for advice to his son, and the two have a heartwarming conversation.

Amy and Nate welcome their daughter into the world (Credit: ITV)

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Over the past few months, Tracy and Nate have been preparing to become parents, occasionally sharing scenes with Cain.

However, this led some fans to wonder if there might be a spark between Tracy and Cain.

Emmerdale: Amy Walsh addresses speculation about the Cain and Tracy affairs

When asked about the spark between Tracy and Cain and whether she would like the two characters to have an affair, Amy told Entertainment Daily and other media outlets, “It’s very interesting, I love working with him and I love them Dynamics of these two characters.

“I thought these scenes, I didn’t know about the spark, but I thought they worked and I loved them when I read them. I thought they wrote really well for the two characters.

Cain and Tracy had a few scenes together (Credit: ITV)

“I would love to see more of them together because I think it works. We were kidding, at one point we wondered if they were writing a few scenes.

“We thought ‘are they going to do what Nate did to Cain, how is Cain going to have an affair with Nate’s partner now?’

Nate had an affair with Cain’s wife Moira in 2019 (Image credit: ITV)

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“But as this story progresses, I think it’s important to make relationships not only between Cain and Nate, but also between Nate and Tracy, happy.

“But yes, I don’t know, who knows? She’d probably like a bad boy like Cain. She doesn’t know what’s good for her to be honest. We will see.”

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