Andreas Hund targeted in the murder plan (June 7th to 11th)

Emmerdale spoilers reveal Andrew’s dog is being attacked by a cruel plot. But will the dog be okay?

A few weeks ago, Jamie gave Millie a dog and Andrea agreed that she could keep it.

In the next week’s scenes, Andrea invites Charles and Millie to camp out with her.

Andrea invites Charles to go camping (Image: ITV)

But soon Meena tries her best to dissuade Andrea from the idea.

Meanwhile, Gabby is annoyed when Andrea and her dog Princess come to the home farm to get Millie’s sleeping bag for the camping trip.

The dog stains Gabby’s purse, which annoys Gabby.

Meena tries to sow doubt in Charles’ mind (Image credit: ITV)

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Across the village, Meena intercepts Charles outside the church after waiting for him to sow doubts about his relationship with Andrea.

Meena talks to Charles about Andrea introducing another father figure into Millie’s life so soon.

Emmerdale Spoiler: Princess Targeted

The next day, Noah cleans Gabby’s purse while Gabby says the dog, princess, is now on loan.

Andrea later leaves Princess safely tied up in the shadows while she and Millie see her senses.

While Andrea is distracted, someone lures the princess into the parked car with her favorite toy and slams the door.

Princess is trapped (Image credit: ITV)

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While the sun goes down mercilessly, Princess remains trapped in the boiling car.

The poor dog is desperate to flee. The camping trip will soon start and we will find out who orchestrated this terrible ordeal for the dog.

Will the princess be fine and who would do such a terrible thing?

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Emmerdale continues this evening (June 3rd) at 7pm on ITV.

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