Andrew Neil is leaving GB News to take a “break” just 11 days after launch

Andrew Neil is leaving GB News for a break … just two weeks after the channel launched.

The 72-year-old newscaster and journalist revealed the news last night (Thursday June 24).

And viewers were not satisfied with his announcement and accused him of jumping the ship.

Andrew launched GB News 11 days ago (Photo Credit: Tony Clark /

Andrew Neil Leaves GB News – Why?

GB News started on June 13th.

But it has been followed with technical issues, viewer complaints, and advertiser withdrawals.

And at the end of his show last night, Andrew brought the news to viewers that he was taking a break.

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“That’s it for tonight and for me for the next few weeks,” he said.

“But I leave you in the safe and professional hands of Colin Brazier.”

“I’ll be back before summer is over and when you least expect it, so stay tuned.”

Andrew Neil is leaving GB News
Andrew broke the news last night (Credit: GB News)

What else did Andreas say?

During his final monologue, Andrew also addressed the “rocky start” the canal went through in the first two weeks.

“Before I take that break, let me say this… yes, we had a bit of a bumpy start with the launch of GB News.

“We are a start-up, these start-ups are always a little bit rocky.

“But we’re ready, as you can see, we’re getting better every day and there is clearly an appetite for what we’re doing.

“And in two short weeks we have already built a loyal audience that has exceeded all of our expectations, it is often larger than the other news channels and it is growing.”

After thanking the audience, he said, “We won’t let you down and you haven’t seen anything.”

How did the fans react?

Andrew’s sincerity, however, wasn’t drained with some viewers who couldn’t believe he was taking a break less than two weeks after it started.

“Andrew Neil is leaving GB News on a hiatus just 2 weeks after the channel launched, which may not have anything to do with GB News not doing well,” one person said on Twitter.

“But then he gave a speech about how the start was bumpy, but it’s more successful than any new channel, so now you know it’s related.”

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Another said: “I see Andrew Neil has decided to ‘take a break’ from GB News after 2 weeks.

“With no fixed date for his return.”

“The captain of the Titanic went down with his ship. Andrew Neil doesn’t even seem ready for that. “

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