Anil Kapoor reveals the secrets of his “Eternal Youth” and fights in Pinch by Arbaaz Khan. for fame

The season of QuPlays Pinch Season 2 is just about to skyrocket. This week Anil Kapoor put all his heart and soul into the show and we learned a lot about the actor. Even after a successful career spanning decades, Anil shared that he was initially criticized for not having the charm of a star and just being an actor. “I always took it as a compliment, people compared me to Sanjeev Kumar and I was happy that they compare me to the greatest actor in our country.”

Kapoor continued, “Back then, people had a different perspective. The debut films of my contemporaries were much more successful than my debut film, even Mashaal didn’t work well, but my work was valued, so I got more work. There were people who always told me I didn’t look like a star, so I told them to improve when it came to my presence or my physicality. ”Anil believes that there is always room for improvement and when if he doesn’t play well, he’s cheating on his audience.

The enigmatic actor is known to be timeless. Anil finally unlocked his secret of being forever young by saying, “Whatever you do in life, you have to enjoy it, and I was lucky. To be honest, God has been kind to me in personal, professional, financial (matters). You also have to eat on time, sleep on time and devote an hour a day to your body. “

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