Anna Nightingale addresses the fan theory that Andrea is still alive

Emmerdale star Anna Nightingale instructed the fan theory that her character Andrea Tate is still alive and under witness protection.

Andrea was murdered by serial killer Meena Jutla during Super Soap Week last October after witnessing the nurse try to drown Victoria Sugden.

Meena murdered Andrea before leaving her in the middle of a burning maze (Image: ITV)

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After her death, police suspected that Andrea’s former mother-in-law Kim Tate may have been involved, as they had a public argument shortly before she was murdered.

Emmerdale: Anna Nightingale addresses Andrea theory

However, her death was eventually classified as an accident and fans speculated that she might still be alive and under police protection.

Now actress Anna Nightingale, who recently gave birth to her second child, has dealt with the theory.

In an interview with OK! the theory was bypassed Anna and she said, “That sounds pretty epic. I would love it.

Emmerdale Andrea Tate
Anna left Emmerdale last year (Image: ITV)

“In both parts, the chapter is finished at the moment, but you never know, so never say never.

“This version of Andreas’ reality sounds really cool. I like to picture her in a witness shelter where she plans to return not only for Kim but also for Meena. I want to live in this world. That sounds amazing. “

However, Anna revealed that the reason she left the show was to be home and “put family first for a while”.

In both parts there is a chapter finished at the moment, but you never know, so never say never.

What happened to Jamie Tate?

Shortly before Andrea’s death, the audience saw how Andrea’s ex-husband Jamie Tate was involved in an accident.

In the accident, he drove into a lake and his body was never discovered.

Kim believed for a while that he was still alive and Andrea believed that Jamie was dead.

Viewers know Jamie is alive, but Emmerdale residents believe he died (Image Credit: ITV)

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At Andrea’s memorial, however, her mother Hazel turned up and Jamie and Andrea’s daughter Millie made the decision to live with their grandmother.

Kim accepted that her son had died and was saddened that Millie had chosen to live with her other grandmother.

Viewers were then revealed that Jamie was alive and waiting for Millie with Hazel.

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