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What is AnyDesk?

AnyDesk is a remote desktop app. The service allows two or more users to access and control a single computer or device. This is useful for technical applications such as remote IT support and for personal users who need to access a physically remote device.

What platforms is AnyDesk available for?

AnyDesk can be installed and used from a variety of platforms, including Windows, Mac OS, Android, Linux, and iOS. Each version can control devices running other operating systems.

How do I transfer files with AnyDesk?

Files can be transferred between devices just like any other file. Simply copy and paste it from one destination to another. When doing this, make sure that the second destination is on the correct desktop.

How do I connect to an unattended desktop with AnyDesk?

AnyDesk can remotely access a device connected to the Internet, such as a home desktop from a mobile device. Download and install the service on the desktop, connect to an account and choose a password. The desktop can then be accessed using the same credentials.

How do I accept a connection request with AnyDesk?

Once a request has been sent to a device/desktop running Any Desk, a large prompt with red buttons will be displayed. This allows a user to confirm or deny a connection, and also gives potential warnings if the service believes it is a potential scam.

Is AnyDesk free?

AnyDesk is available in either a free or premium version. The difference between the two is mainly based on the number of users that can connect. Professional or business users will need to purchase an annual subscription service, while individual accounts are useful for limited or occasional use.

Is AnyDesk malware or insecure?

In general, most remote desktop viewing services are secured by account details, passwords and confirmation prompts. Some of them have a reputation of being potentially dangerous, as they are a popular method used by fake IT services to gain access to a victim’s computer and then request payment. Every desk has implemented a warning system for these scenarios.

Is AnyDesk better than Team Viewer?

Team Viewer is one of the most popular and recognized remote desktop sharing services. AnyDesk has claimed that its service is faster and allows more features through its free account, and has gained a large customer base.

Can I set up an automatic connection on AnyDesk without a password?

A password is required at least once to connect between two devices. If you enable “Log in automatically”, a desktop / device can connect automatically without requiring a password each time.

Does a screen size affect AnyDesk?

AnyDesk automatically adjusts to the screen size between different devices, such as a desktop and a phone. Multiple screens can also be displayed in a tabbed mode. This can be customized in the service’s settings menu.

Functions of any desktop

1.Usage information

Provides insight into employee device activity 387 AnyDesk reviewers have provided feedback on this feature.


Allows integration with support, chat, diagnostic, or other IT management tools. This feature was mentioned in 354 AnyDesk reviews.

3.Session recording

Provides the ability to record remote access and support sessions. This feature was mentioned in 357 AnyDesk reviews.

4.Session transfer

session transferAs reported in 369 AnyDesk reviews. Allows remote access and support sessions to be transferred between users.

5.Unattended access

Based on 384 AnyDesk reviews. Allows administrators to access devices regardless of end user presence.

6.File Sharing

Allows remote users to share files with other remote users. This feature has been mentioned in 390 AnyDesk test reports.

7.Screen sharing

As reported in 41 AnyDesk reviews. Provides screen sharing options to allow access to view or control real-time activities.

8.File sharing

As reported in 41 AnyDesk reviews. Provides simple and seamless file transfer and sharing capabilities to increase remote work productivity and collaboration.

9.Session recording

Provides the ability to record remote access and support sessions. 38 reviewers of AnyDesk have provided feedback on this feature.

10.Unattended remote access

Provides remote access to computers at any time without an end user being present. 38 AnyDesk reviewers have provided feedback on this feature.

11.Multi – Session Handling

Provides support for multiple technicians simultaneously. 38 AnyDesk reviewers have provided feedback on this feature.

12.Multi-monitor support

Allows users to switch between multiple end-user monitors with a single click. This feature was mentioned in 38 AnyDesk reviews.

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