Are Tayah and Adam having a baby?

Married at first sight British couple Tayah Victoria and Adam Aveling are one of the strongest couples in the E4 reality series.

The couple immediately bonded on their wedding day before quickly confessing love on their honeymoon.

But are they still together at all?

The-at first sight married British couple Tayah and Adam immediately connected on their wedding day (Image: E4)

Married at first sight UK: are Tayah and Adam together?

Many of this year’s couples have kept their relationships under wraps since leaving the show.

However, fans are convinced that Tayah and Adam are still together.

Over the course of the series, the two shared different photos of each other on social media.

He is a good guy

Meanwhile, Tayah recently hinted that she is still married to Adam.

The tip came after she replied to a fan on Instagram saying, “He’s a good guy x.”

But while Tayah didn’t reveal much in the comment, fans took the news as an important clue.

Married at first sight UK couple Tayah and Adam
The couple encountered a slight rocky spot while staying with their host families (Image: E4)

However, it wasn’t entirely smooth for the couple.

While staying with host families, Tayah Adams did not appreciate interior design and criticized his furniture.

She even went so far as to say that she “loathed” his lighted coffee table.

Will the MAFS UK couple have a baby?

It wasn’t long before the couple began planning their future.

The couple quickly decided that Tayah would move to Doncaster, Adam’s hometown, to live with her boyfriend.

However, a baby is not on the menu yet.

While the couple is not taking things slowly, Tayah and Adam seem to be enjoying life as a couple.

In fact, the stunning brunette recently grappled with pregnancy rumors online.

It came after fans commented on a recent Instagram snap of Tayah wearing a fitted dress.

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The star hit back on ‘lump’ comments, saying, “It means being a woman and having a slight lump on your stomach, which is NORMAL.

“This is such a harmful comment, I’m a skinny person too, so you really need to check yourself out before commenting on such harmful things to young women.”

Tayah previously revealed on the show that she miscarried during a previous relationship.

Tayah and Adam have their last date tonight (Image: E4)

Married at First Sight UK: What Happens During Tonight’s Show?

While Tayah and Adam have made a blissful journey through the experiment, his coffee table will be powered up again tonight.

Tayah calls the table “devilish”, which causes her husband to jokingly take off his wedding ring.

Adam says, “Well, Tay, I think we need to break this marriage. My ring comes off! “

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The couple are also going on their last date together.

Tayah and Adam take a helicopter to their romantic moment.

But will their relationship take off after the show? We think time will tell …

Married at First Sight UK airs Monday through Thursday at 9 p.m. on E4. Find out about the previous series on All 4.

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