Arpit Ranka aka Kans by Haathi Ghoda Paal Ki Jai Kanhaiya Laal Ki says: “Being mean to a child like Kans was tough”

By Jyothi Venkatesh

Star Bharat has always put the best of portrayals in the foreground when it comes to mythological shows. In view of this, the appetite to consume their unique bouquet of content is obviously increasing. To add to this list, they have another mythological show called. thought up Haathi Ghoda Paal Ki Jai Kanhaiya Laal Ki ‘. The show rightly captures the essence of Bal Krishna, the adorable little butter thief and his legendary stories. Embark on a divine mythological journey on Star Bharat on October 19th at 9:30 pm with the show, produced by none other than Siddharth Kumar Tewary.

The show revolves around the ancient stories of Bal Krishna and the stories of why he was so respected and adored. Among the many talented actors on the show, the Kans (Arpit Ranka) was recently blessed with a little girl. In a recent press conference he was talked about how difficult it is to play a brutal character like Kans, who is the father of an infant in real life. Obviously, since it’s exactly the opposite of the character he plays on the show, playing Kans can be quite tiring.

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Arpit speaks coherently about his struggles in this regard: “Nothing can be as cruel as harming a child or being mean, so it becomes extremely difficult to play a character like Kans on-screen. It’s the worst. But if I focus too much on the negatives of a character, I can never quite live up to my role as an actor. So I prefer not to sweat too much about such things and not neglect my attention on them.

He further adds “I am very grateful to the entire Star Bharat team and to the creators of the show for giving me this amazing opportunity, and I hope to do it justice to the full. I also hope that the audience will accept my acting skills, if not even love the ruthless character. “

Arpit Ranka, who plays Kans on the show, is a completely contrasting personality to his on-screen personality in real life, which makes him an even better actor. Playing such a complicated character and coming out brilliantly every time is a talent not everyone possesses, so we’re all really excited to see how he performs on the big screen.