Asha admits that she is in love with Nina

Coronation Street spoilers reveal Asha confesses her love for Nina. But is it too early?

Asha and Nina recently started a relationship and agreed to take things slowly. However, it seems that things may be going too fast for Nina.

In the next week’s scenes, Nina tells Asha that she’s going to watch with Roy Fledermaus. When Asha suggests that she could come, Nina claims she’ll find it boring.

Asha worries Nina left her (Credit: ITV)

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Asha tells Amy that she believes Nina has already left her as she would rather go out with Roy than hang out with her.

Asha later explains her concerns to Nina and assures her that she has not left them, but it is important that they have the freedom to pursue their own interests.

Spoiler on Coronation Street: Asha confesses her love for Nina

Asha and Aadi are excitedly planning Dev’s surprise birthday party, but Asha is disappointed when Nina says she can’t make it.

When Aadi discovers that Nina has offered to run the cafe to avoid Dev’s party, he wants to know why she lied to his sister.

Aadi discovers that Nina offered to take care of the cafe to avoid Dev’s party (Credit: ITV)

Nina admits to Aadi that it was just too early to attend family gatherings, but the last thing she wants to do is hurt Asha.

Aadi claims the invitation is still open and Nina changes her mind about coming. When Aadi arrives with Nina in tow, Asha is thrilled.

But things soon change when Dev gives a speech welcoming Nina to the family. Nina squirms and clearly has the feeling that everything is too early.

Asha admits she’s in love with Nina (Credit: ITV)

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Roy suggests that Nina talk honestly with Asha.

But when Asha reveals to Nina that she is in love with her, Nina is on the ground.

It is too early

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