Asha Bhosle is all praise for Rajan Shahi’s “Anupamaa”, the show called “The Need of the Hour”.

While audiences can’t stop raving about Rajan and Deepa Shahi’s “Anupamaa,” the show has found a fan in Asha Bhosle as well. The legendary singer had called Rajan praising him for doing a show that reflected Indian society. Speaking of their conversation, one overwhelmed Rajan said, “It was a great feeling when the legendary singer called me and appreciated ‘Anupamaa’. She said she was a huge fan of the series and didn’t miss an episode. We had a long chat and she discussed every aspect of the show. She talked to me about each character and had some very strong views about the show. She also said that a show like this was the order of the day. “

Well, this is the second time she has personally called the producer to talk about his show. Asha Bhosle had previously spoken to him about his hit TV show “Bidaai … Sapna Babul Ka”. “She was a huge fan of ‘Bidaai… Sapna Babul Ka’. This time she had missed a few episodes of ‘Anupamaa’ and reminded me the last time she expressed regret that she could not see some episodes of ‘Bidaai …’ because of her trip, and I had all of them Broadcast delivered series for them to watch, ”he said.

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In addition, Asha Bhosle even congratulated Rajan’s mother Deepa Shahi, who became a producer with “Anupamaa”. “She fondly remembered my maternal grandfather P. Jairaj and also brought congratulations to my mother Deepa Shahi. She was very proud to have become a producer with ‘Anupamaa’ and asked me to share her message with my mother, ”he said.

Rajan is deeply grateful for this gesture by the legendary singer and said: “It was a beautiful gesture from her. She knew every scene and also the dialogues. She said it was one of the best shows and said she will discuss it with her family as well. She said that once the pandemic situation improves, she would like to meet everyone on the set in person.

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