Ashish Shrivastav on a happy marriage with Mrs. Gurmeen Shrivastav: We have slowly learned to balance our lives by being there for one another

Director Ashish Shrivastav and fashion designer Gurmeen Shrivastav celebrated their 12th wedding anniversary in March of this year. Their journey, Ashish said, was strong from the start, and those many years of being together only made the bond even sweeter. The fact that they have a good understanding of each other’s personal and professional commitments strengthens their relationship.

“Gurmeen is a fashion designer. She completely understands my job, the unpredictable timing, the stress level, etc., because her job also involves similar things. We have slowly learned to balance our lives by being there for each other every step of the way. We give each other advice whenever it is necessary, we are each other’s best critic. I have the feeling that we complement and complement each other as a couple, ”he says.

The best part about marriage is realizing what the real meaning of responsibility is, Ashish feels. Marriage often gives direction to life. “With marriage, you focus on your life and your work. The industry I belong to is full of uncertainties. We all work under the tremendous stress of the expectation of doing things that will go down well with the audience / consumer. To deal with this stress, sometimes you need a friend or partner to support you. In situations like this, nothing can be better when you have your partner with you … Trust is the most important factor in a healthy marriage. Listening to and understanding one another helps build trust, ”adds Ashish, who has directed popular shows such as Shaadi Mubarak, Yeh Rishte Hai Pyar Ke, Piya Albela and Kahani Ghar Ghar Ki.

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But even in a happy marriage, there are times when things go wrong. And Ashish says that starts when the couple stops listening to each other or refuses to understand each other. “In this day and age, the most important thing is to be positively tolerant. Sometimes we overreact to certain things, sometimes our ego overwhelms our common sense, and then we stop listening to one another. As we stop listening to each other, the communication gap increases and you gradually get quick-tempered too. That should not happen. Being honest and apologizing when you’re wrong often solves the toughest problems. Taking care of the smallest details in life, being there for each other, giving each other space can create a nice bond, ”he says.

There are certainly differences between two people when they stay together. “There will be fights on different levels and in every phase. The initial struggles help you get to know each other. But if we go on, these struggles can be avoided, then new chapters bring new responsibilities and new hardships. Struggles are an integral part of our lives that we have to be positive about in order to be happy until the end, ”he concludes.

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