Atomic Kitten star Kerry Katona shares an unedited photo of her “swollen” body

Former Atomic Kitten star Kerry Katona confessed on Instagram that she really wanted to see a plastic surgeon.

The 40-year-old shared an emotional post on Instagram on Friday evening (June 18).

She posted a picture of her body “without Photoshop” and flashed a sad-looking face into the camera.

Alongside the revealing snap, Kerry confessed that she would see a doctor who specializes in cosmetic surgery.

When she shared her story with fans, she revealed that her body has been “swollen” for the past few weeks.

Kerry Katona Latest: TV Star Says Instagram She “Hates” Her Body

“Yes, I am in all my glory !! No more [bleep] Guys, that’s as real as it gets! No filter and no Photoshop! My nipples are so low that I’m tripping over them now … don’t worry, I’ve gotten used to it now!

“After using the skinny jab for so long and then just quitting, my body just swelled up. The fact that I didn’t do any training because I live out of a suitcase didn’t help. I eat [bleep] Food, which means that I am always in one [bleep] Mood.

Kerry went on to tag the cosmetic surgeon who she said will help her get back in shape.

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Kerry has a love-hate relationship with her body (Photo Credit: Grant Buchanan /

Kerry wants to fix plastic surgery

She continued, “I told you that I would always be honest with you. It hurts, I’m upset, I hate myself, but there is a man who will change all of this so I can meet @maurino_joffily.

“I know this will attract undivided attention. Say something, follow him and tell me what you think of his work.

“It’s going to be a vicious circle, you’re unhappy, so you eat [expletive] Food then becomes a wretched, unhappy disgust and hatred for your body.

Kerry Katona Atomic Kitten
Kerry said she was still “fine” overall (Photo Credit:

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“How are you? Go straight to the fridge and stuff your face and make yourself miserable in return and believe me, I feel extremely miserable!

Kerry insisted that despite appearing disgruntled, she was still “okay” overall.

She added, “Feel undervalued, underrated, fat and miserable !! Unwanted and unloved! True story! I just thought I’d share it. Please don’t judge, but you know me! I am fine.”

Meanwhile, her admission comes after she revealed that her OnlyFans subscriptions “went through the roof” after spitting on GMB about padded bikinis for young girls.

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