Ayushmann’s fastest growing icon on social media hops 70% in a year – Duff & Phelps

Bollywood star and youth icon Ayushmann Khurrana made his name in Indian cinema history as Mr. Disruptor, who has a penchant for handpicking the best content Bollywood produces. Known as the flagship of content cinema in India, Ayushmann finished sixth in the latest report from Duff & Phelps Most Valuable Celebrity in India, jumping from tenth place it was last year. He’s also the fastest growing icon on social media as his fan base has grown by 70 percent, the report said.

The quote on Ayushmann published by Duff & Phelps states: “Ayushmann Khurrana, known for films with social messages, was recently named a prominent UNICEF advocate for children’s rights and joins former football legend David Beckham. Its social media reach and persecution among the masses are believed to help create greater awareness of the risk of violence and abuse against children. “

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The report adds: “Not only did Ayushmann support multiple brands during the lockdown, but he also entertained his fans with his poetry on Instagram, increasing his followers by 69.5% (annualized) from 17.4 million December 2019 led to 27.0 mn in November 2020. “

Duff & Phelps names Ayushmann, an outsider to Bollywood, as the most relatable Bollywood celebrity in India due to his journey to fame. The report says: “With his more sociable image as the boy next door, Ayushmann makes it easier for the audience to contact him. In addition to socially relevant topics, he talks about his films and brand advertising, the message reaches the public “loud and clear” and stays beyond the screen time. “

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