“Bail Pola Festival” song is the highlight of the film “Kaali Maati”

By Jyothi Venkatesh

Audiences always enjoy watching movies that are embellished with vicious and soothing songs. The viewer can see the story of a farmer in the upcoming film Kaali Maati, which has already received around 399 awards. Director Hemantkumar Mahale told the inspiring story of the nationally award-winning and progressive farmer Dnyaneshwar Bodke. The relationship between a farmer and his bull is very complicated and intimate, which can never be separated. Based on this, Hemantkumar set out to present a song based on a farmer and his bull. A big highlight as well as the novelty of the film Kaali Maati is that it boasts a song about a bull and a farmer that has not been shown in any film in Marathi before.

Hemantkumar Mahale not only directed the film, which has won many awards at several international film festivals in India, Singapore, Malaysia, France, Europe, London and America, but also produced the film. The film was embellished by a star cast including Ompraksh Shinde, Aetashaa Sansgiri, Diksha Bhor, Bhagwan Pachore, Poonam Patil, PK Waghmare, etc. Omprakash played the role of Dnyaneshwar Bodke in the film. The lyricist Kalyan Ugale wrote the song about the bull, while the duo Avinash-Vishwajeet composed the number. Dr. Gauri Kavi and Priyanka Mitra sang the number. The song was pictured in Khed, near Pune. ‘Sun Aala Bail Polyacha’ are the words of the song. The song has a mixture of classical, lavni, folklore and leyheem. Since the sequence required large rangois, the entire area was magnificently decorated. Lollipop choreographed the number.

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Hemantkumar Mahale repeats, “All the villagers come together to celebrate the Bail Pola festival, worship and feed the bull. After that, beautiful traditional dances are performed, alongside Lavni dances, in which many villagers and the cops participate with gay devotion. To date, no Marathi film has shown a song on Bail Pola other than Kaali Maati. Since the theme of the film is based on the farmer, it is shown that the bull is the farmer’s true companion. The bull and the farmer are two inseparable parts. Bail Pola is the only festival where bulls are worshiped. The cops, who work around the clock all year round, are allowed to rest and rest for a day and are worshiped and wreathed. The celebration is carried out on a large scale by the farmers of the village with great enthusiasm. Since the film is based on the farmers, the song was conceived and composed with the Bail Pola in mind. The song was also presented on a grand scale with aesthetics.

While Mayur Adkar wrote the script for the film, the dialogues were penned by Anil Raut and Hemantkumar Mahale. Suresh Suvarna & Raja Phadtare turned up the camera. Subhiraj Rajput is the editor of the film Kaali Maati, which is about to be released across Maharashtra.

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