Baileys Irish Cream Cornettos on sale at Poundland and they are delicious

Baileys Irish Cream Cornetto bags are available at Poundland and Lidl and they look great!

Instagrammer Helen J Tea taste tested the cones this week and shared her review with her Baileys-loving followers.

And judging by the response to the post, the Baileys Cornettos won’t be in the freezer for long!

Baileys Irish Cream Cornettos are on sale now (Image: Instagram / HelenJTea)

What do we know about the Baileys Irish Cream Cones?

The cones were launched last year but are back for 2021.

Now we just need the sun to reappear – a little rain doesn’t stop us from enjoying yourself!

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Helen said, “I absolutely LOVE the cones – I especially love the way layers of crispy milk chocolate are spread over the ice cream.”

She said she also tried the Baileys magnum style pole lollipops, and while she admits they are “good,” the cones are better.

“The sticks are good too, but since the chocolate has a pretty intense flavor, I preferred to swirl it in the ice,” she said.

Helen got hers at Lidl, but her followers discovered her in Poundland too.

Baileys Irish Cream ice cream
Magnum-style ice cream sticks are also on offer (Image: Instagram / HelenJTea)

What did Baileys fans say about ice cream?

It looks like Baileys fans aren’t waiting for the sunshine to mock them either!

“Impressive!” said one with the love heart emoji.

“That looks so good,” said another.

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“The cones look so delicious,” said another.

“Cones are definitely better than sticks !!” another agreed. “They look so good I can’t wait to try them out,” they added.

“I don’t normally eat ice cream,” said another, “but I have to try that!”

Bailey's Colada
Do you already know the new Baileys Colada? (Image credit: Baileys)

What else is new from Baileys?

New this summer from the liquor gods of Baileys is a brand new flavor.

You can now collect the new Piña Colada-flavored Baileys Colada online and in supermarkets such as Tesco.

If we can’t go on vacation we definitely bring the beach vibes to Blighty!

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